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Hell’s Kitchen: Final Four Revealed Tonight!

November 24, 2010 07:57 PM by Lisa Princ


Last week on FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen we saw the best of the worst chefs ever and the worst do not get any better tonight as once again Gordon Ramsay gets pushed to the edge. Despite all the setbacks however, the final four are revealed tonight! Keep reading for all the details!

Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicks off tonight as Gordon Ramsay issues the chefs an individual challenge. For this challenge the contestants must cook a signature lunch dish in downtown LA Market…easy enough right? Well it was until Chef Ramsay informed them that they had an hour to cook 80 portions out of a lunch truck. 80 executives would be sampling and rating each dish. While everyone chose their own unique dish, Russell decided to be very unique and cook octopus which was a poor choice as 61% of the lunch crowd did not like it, giving him the worst dish of the day.

Nona scored the second highest of the day with her chicken salad sandwiches, but the winner of the challenge was Gail, who cooked steak with mango and walnuts beating out Nona by 2% of the votes. For her reward, Gail was sent to Beverly Hills to meet up with Jose Eber for a makeover and then to meet with Steven ‘Kojo’ Cojocaru for a new wardrobe. The losers stayed behind to clean Hell’s Kitchen and then clean the lunch trucks. As they prep for dinner service, Jillian and Russell make a pact to help one another out if needed while everyone else tries to work as a team.


Dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen is a complete nightmare once again, despite the fact that the contestants had some special guests to cook for – a group of US Marines as well as Paris Hilton. Jillian struggled with cooking the scallops, but luckily for her Russell came to her side to help out. Due to her scallop issues, Jillian caused Nona to have to re cook her pasta over and over. Trevor then started to bring up undercooked meat and Gordon Ramsay lost it and walked out of the kitchen with Sous chef Scott claiming he would lose it if he stuck around. Meanwhile the chefs pulled together and Russell took control of the kitchen so they could keep sending out meals.

After cooling off, Gordon Ramsay returned and switched everyone’s stations on them, warning them that one more mistake out of any of them would get them kicked out of the kitchen. Gail was the first to get booted for attempting to serve him undercooked fish and she was quickly followed by Jillian who attempted to serve uncooked eggs, whom he called a “spoiled bitch”. The remaining chefs were able to finish dinner service but not within a reasonable time frame completely disappointing Chef Ramsay – this season has definitely proved to the worst once again. Then Chef Ramsay tells them all to come up with two chefs for elimination tonight.


When it’s time to decide who to send up, everyone votes for Gail due to her lack of communication and she was so upset she said she would nominate herself. Then everyone starts to pick on Trevor, but he isn’t having it as he dishes it back to them. When they meet back with Gordon Ramsay, Nona informs him that their first nominee is Gail for her lack of communication and their second nominee is Trevor for being a disaster on meat, telling Chef Ramsay how bad he did after Gordon Ramsay walked out.

When questioned Gail assures Chef Ramsay that she cares and Trevor insists he did not get in over his head as neither want to go home. Despite the fact that Gordon Ramsay called out Jillian as well for her scallops and eggs, he ultimately sent Gail packing as he was expecting to see better out of her. Best of luck to Gail! This means the final four are Russell, Jillian, Nona and Trevor – congratulations to them for making it this far!

Be sure to tune into Hell’s Kitchen on FOX next week at 9 pm EST for another brand new episode!

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