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Survivor: Nicaragua — A Look Back

November 24, 2010 07:32 PM by Ryan Haidet


As is typical the week of Thanksgiving, tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua featured multiple new scenes from the first half of the competition on CBS.  Although some of the content was regurgitated footage, most of it was new — and some of it was very entertaining.

Shelter Troubles

It started with boring footage of Espada building their shelter on the first day.  Dan was worthless again as he tried to push a stick in the ground next to the shelter, and it snapped in half.  It showed more about the abrasive, irritating personality of Jimmy T. before the shelter collapsed the first night.

Over at La Flor, the young tribe didn’t worry about building their shelter at all, but instead stripped down to their underwear and hopped in the water.  The drama with NaOnka was prevalent that first day.  She was extremely disappointed to be stuck with the young tribe because she felt the older folks were more motivated and probably already had a killer shelter complete with a door, a few windows, a basement and an attic.  “I’m with young idiots.  It’s ridiculous,” she said in a confessional.


Accidents & Injuries

More footage about Fabio and his goofy accident-prone antics were showcased.  We saw him squinting in pain when he rubbed his eye shortly after touching and eating a chili pepper.  Then, as he was walking around camp in his bare feet, he stepped on a thorn and hobbled back to the shelter.  In another sequence, Fabio was walking with two of the girls when he slipped off the side of a small sand pit.

But it wasn’t all fun and games at La Flor.  New footage showed the toll the wicked weather was taking on Kelly S.  “It’s killing me out here,” she said in confessional.  “I just want to quit.”  NaOnka said the rain has been rough while it breaks people down, but she vowed to encourage Kelly S. to stay motivated.  Benry thought Kelly S. has been a huge waste of space because all she does is complain about everything.


Jane’s Excitement

After the tribal swap, we saw new scenes where Jane bonded with the younger players.  As they all introduced themselves, Jane did a little dance as she told the youngsters at La Flor she can make fire fast and easily catch fish.  Remember when Jane caught her own fish and scarfed it down in secret?  New footage was shown of Jane sneaking a burning stick from the fire at camp so she could cook the fish in the woods without anybody knowing.

Strategy between Marty and Sash was showcased.  Sash shook hands while making a deal to go to the end of the game with Marty because he thought he would be easy to beat.  Then we saw more deals Sash made with everybody else to go to the final Tribal Council.

Stolen Food

One of the most-memorable moments from this season was heavily showcased after the tribes merged and NaOnka stole the food.  “Whoever did it, something should happen to them,” Dan said of the situation.  Feeling guilty about what she did, NaOnka admitted it to Holly and asked for advice.  Holly told her it is probably best to just admit that she stole the food.  NaOnka started crying when she told Holly the sole reason she admitted to stealing the food is because she loves her.  “We all make mistakes,” Holly said as she embraced a tearful NaOnka.

After her speech to the group about burying the flour, NaOnka couldn’t remember where she put it.  The whole tribe joined together to find the flour as NaOnka retraced her steps and described the area where the flour was placed.

Nine are left in the competition as the finale lands on December 19 live from Hollywood.


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Images courtesy of CBS.

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