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The Biggest Loser: Thanksgiving “Where Are They Now” Special

November 24, 2010 10:32 PM by Lisa Princ


For all you addicts of The Biggest Loser on NBC, they aired their Thanksgiving “Where are they now?” episode where they took us on a stroll down memory lane and gave us updates of some past favorites. So how are our past favorites doing? Keep reading for more details!

The special “Where are they now” episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC kicked off tonight with the recent proposal from Sam Poueu to Stephanie Anderson that happened during the filming of the special. Sam and Stephanie, who both look amazing and continue their healthy lifestyle came back to the ranch just one year after the date they first appeared there. Sam brought Stephanie, who had no idea what was going on into a room filled with family and friends and we watched as he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. With tears in her eyes, she said yes of course – what a beautiful moment for these two fan favorites!

But the emotional stories did not end there as we also saw season six couple Phil and Amy Parham, who are also continuing their healthy lifestyle at home share with us how much more The Biggest Loser changed their lives. The couple, who have an autistic son were offered top notch help for their son due to their appearances on the show. Their son can now do everything as a normal child his age would do. We also saw season eight’s favorite Abby Rike, who continues to inspire others with her unforgettable story of triumph over tragedy after losing her husband and two children. Abby uses her time now to teach others the benefits she learned at the ranch and she is continually trying to keep moving forward and enjoy her time.


There was a spotlight on paying it forward as well as we saw season nine’s O’Neal Hampton run his own fitness camp in Minnesota with the help of his daughter and partner on the show, Sunshine – both of whom still look great. Then season seven’s father son team Ron and Mike Morelli along Mike’s brother Max started a kids’ fitness program. Ron and Mike left the ranch wanting to teach their healthy lifestyles and all they had learned to 17 year old, 400 lb, Max who ended up taking all the help and information and getting himself down 160+ lbs. Former contestants Heba, Ed and the first woman to win, Ali were all inspiring teens and children to get healthy, proposing that the earlier they start the less chance that they would need to be on The Biggest Loser.

We even saw contestants travel out of the states tonight on the Thanksgiving special as Sione Fa from season seven traveled to his homeland of Tonga with his father. Upon arrival Sione was making a special visit to the Tongan princess to speak with her about the obesity problem in Tonga. The princess was thrilled to meet Sione and his father and agreed that obesity was an increasing problem there. Later Sione Fa did a “Bob” style workout with some locals in an effort to get them on the right path to healthiness.


The Biggest Loser would not be complete without at least one of our trainers and this time is was Jillian. Jillian invited all the past winners to Thanksgiving dinner prepared by popular celebrity chef Curtis Stone who also gave them (and us) some very healthy but tasty Thanksgiving cooking ideas. During dinner, Jillian confronted season one winner Ryan Benson, who managed to gain all but 10 lbs of his weight back since winning the show. Ryan admitted to making bad choices and told how he had a tough time keeping up the routine at home, but all the others past winners vowed to support him. When asked what we could expect of him next, season nine winner Michael Ventrella told us that he would also be working with childhood obesity as he feels that is where he went wrong.

Finally we watched as And season seven’s Tara Costa, who to date has won more challenges on the show than ever was back and won $25k in a triathalon as did Mark Kruger, in which showcased over 50 former contestants, all still living healthy. How refreshing to see so many past contestants who have kept it going and are paying it forward, but now we look forward to seeing Ryan Benson get himself back on track! Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 8 pm EST for an all new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC!

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