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The Bachelor: Brad Womack Answers Your Questions!

November 25, 2010 03:00 PM by Shayla Perry


By the looks of the teasers for ABC’s The Bachelor, the new season is going to be pretty wild! But in between the cocktails and the roses (and getting slapped), Brad Womack took some time to answer a few questions from viewers about his return to the show. Read on to see what Brad had to say about finding love this time around.

Question #1: What has changed about you since you were “The Bacheor” the first time that will make your experience different this time?

Brad says that he feels happier now, and admits that he was more “closed off” his last time on the show, possibly because of the cameras.

Question #2: Are you ready to find love, and if yes, how do you know?

According to Womack, he’s “absolutely 100% positive” that he’s ready to find love, and jokingly says that it’s because he wants to stop having to sit at the kids’ table on the holidays.

Brad also says that he’s “not cut out to be a single guy,” that he’s “got a lot of love to give,” and that his life has been empty without that special someone.

Question #3: What kind of woman are you looking for?

Womack has dated around and had a lot of good and bad relationships, so he says that he’s looking for someone that’s a friend who’s beautiful on both the inside and out that he can be himself with.

Though he admits that the qualities he wants in a woman are simple enough, Brad says that it’s been truly difficult to find someone that fits the profile. But don’t worry–that doesn’t mean we’re in for another upset at the end of the season. Brad says that he’s definitely finding that friendship that he’s been looking for this time around.

Question #4: Why should viewers watch you this time around?

Womack says that he understands the skepticism that’s out there, and admits that he “screwed up,” but says that everyone deserves a second chance.

Brad feels that viewers should watch to see a “true love story” that they (meaning all of us) allowed him to experience.

Question #5: Knowing what you now know, why do you want to do this (the show) again?

Womack’s here for one reason only–to find his wife, and in his own words, “I believe that the show works.”

The Bachelor premieres January 3 at 8|7c on ABC.

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