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The Amazing Race: Final Four Head To Hong Kong

November 28, 2010 07:36 PM by Allyson Wells


This week on The Amazing Race, the remaining four teams take off for Hong Kong.  They face an uncomfortable eating challenge, and two of the racers cannot hold the food down.  They also face a very tedious road block, which pushes one racer to quitting.  Nick’s temper flares up again and he takes it out on Vicki.  Who quits one of the challenges?  Will it cause the team to be eliminated?

Four teams remain in the murky city of Bangladesh.  Phil notes that the city of Bangladesh holds what would be the entire population of the United States and Mexico in an area the size of Los Angeles.  Jill and Thomas get to depart first.  They learn they must fly to Hong Kong.  They will make their way by bus and ferry to Cheung Po Tsai cave on an island.  Jill and Thomas wonder who was eliminated.  They arrive at the travel agency and discover that 11:55 is the earliest and only flight available.  Nick and Vicki depart second.  Vicki thinks she has started to calm Nick down.  He gets teary talking about what a blessing she is to him.  Nat and Kat are so excited to discover they are going to Hong Kong.  Brook and Claire are thrilled they get to see Jill and Thomas and make them uncomfortable for U-turning them. 

At the airport, Jill and Thomas are bummed to see Brook and Claire were not eliminated.  They say hello to the girls and ask them not to hate them.  Claire wonders why they didn’t U-turn the doctors, but Thomas thinks they were the bigger competition.  They teams all land in Hong Kong at the same time.  Jill and Thomas make it on the first bus out and on the ferry.  Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire make it onto the ferry, too.  Nick and Vicki can’t catch the ferry because of her asthma, which delays them by a half hour.  Vicki apologizes but Nick is sick of her being sorry.  She starts to cry and he tells her to suck it up. 


Once off the ferry, the teams take off by foot.  Brook urges Claire to keep up.  The teams learn they must head to Majesty Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong for their next clue.  Brook wants Claire to jog and keep up with the other teams, but Claire wants to go at her own pace.  Once back on the ferry, they hug and make up. 

The teams all take taxis to reach the Chinese Restaurant.  Nat and Kat are the first to reach it.  They learn their road block is figuring out what is fake food or real food.  Nat takes the challenge for her team.  Jill and Thomas arrive second and Thomas takes the road block.  Brook and Claire arrive third and Claire takes the challenge for their team.  Brook is excited by the very lively atmosphere and begins to dance for the very excited crowd.  She tries to get Kat and Jill to join her.  She then runs around the restaurant and gets the patrons to yell for Claire. 


Nat finishes first and they head for the avenue of the stars to find a Bruce Lee Statue.  At the statue they get their detour.  Teams must choose between two old world vehicles:  riding Ding Ding, a tram system to find three signs that reveal the pit stop location.  They can also take the Sampan challenge, in which they must take a wooden cage with two parakeets on a boat and search among hundreds of other boats with their bird cage registration number.  Nat and Kat take the bird challenge.  After hours of searching, they finally finish.


Jill and Thomas finish the food challenge and take off for the Bruce Lee statue.  They opt to do the tram system detour.  They are amazed by the millions of signs.  Thomas orders Jill to keep her eyes open.  They start to get frustrated very quickly and decide to do the bird challenge.  They quickly find their boat and learn they must find Statue Square in the center of town to check in for the pit stop.  Jill and Thomas struggle finding a cab and are bummed when Nat and Kat get into a cab and pass them. 

Nick and Vicki catch up to the restaurant and Vicki takes the challenge for her team.    Claire feels like she is going to throw up after eating several plates of food.  Claire ends up running to the bathroom to throw up!  Brook asks if she is okay, and Claire returns to the very excited crowd.  Claire quickly finds the fake food and they dance and hug some of the patrons before leaving.  Vicki struggles with the challenge and begins to feel sick.  She runs to the bathroom and throws up.  Nick thinks they should take a penalty and continue.  Vicki doesn’t want to quit and returns.  A shaky Vicki is relieved when she finally finds the fake food.

Brook and Claire do the bird challenge.  They struggle trying to figure out the system.  After searching, they are relieved to finally find their boat.  They hope the punk rockers are in last place.

Nick and Vicki decide to do the bird challenge and struggle to find their boat.  Nick is ready to be done and complains how stupid they look.  Vicki doesn’t want to give up, but he tells her it is over and he is done.  He feels physically and mentally tired and lays down on the boat to sleep.  He tells her he doesn’t care.  Vicki continues to look and not give up, and he tells her she is wasting her time.  Vicki decides she can’t do it alone and force him to continue.  They decide to take a penalty and leave the road block.


At the pit stop, Nat and Kat arrive first and learn that they win a trip for two to Rio.  Jill and Thomas arrive second, and are happy they were not last.  Brook and Claire arrive at the pit stop and are pumped to learn they are in third place and still in the race.  Nick and Vicki arrive and Phil informs them that they are in last place, but it is not a non-elimination round.  They learn they will have to take a penalty for being last, as well as a six hour penalty for quitting the road block.  Nick apologizes and wants to be better to Vicki.  Vicki is happy they don’t have to leave The Amazing Race.

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