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The Apprentice: Steuart’s Exit Interview!

November 28, 2010 08:00 AM by Shayla Perry


What did Steuart of NBC’s The Apprentice have to say after his unexpected elimination? Keep reading for his full exit interview to find out why the Apprentice contestant says he’s “bitter” and what he’s got planned next!

Q) What was it like hearing the words “You’re fired?”
A) I was shocked. In my mind there was no way I could be fired for the mistakes my teammate made that ultimately made us lose that task. I was caught off guard, because we truly thought we had won the task. A majority of the emotion I felt was anger; as a lifelong competitor it hurts to lose, and to me this task wasn’t fairly judged. The judges were headhunters, who I don’t think know much outside their various industries. After I calmed down, I laughed about it and did what I could to hold my head high and be as respectful as possible. Part of me is still bitter, but it just inspires me to come back on to Celebrity Apprentice and compete again for the victory!

Q) Did you agree with [Donald] Trump‘s rationale for your firing? Or did you think one of the other contestants deserved it more?
A) I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Trump, his decision was completely irrational and the facts he was given regarding decisions made during the task were not portrayed properly. To me, Clint was the driver behind the pricing for the QVC presentation and that is ultimately why we lost according to the judges. Mr. Trump was ill informed and should have fired Clint for his poor judgment in the task, as he was ultimately the project manager.

Q) What moment or moments on the show were surprising to you?
A) When we found out Anand cheated, along with when Mahsa lied in the boardroom to Mr. Trump. One of my other favorite moments was when Kelly, as project manager during the pedicab task, couldn’t even qualify for her pedicab permit.

A few others were watching David make a fool out of himself on national television. I really loved getting under his skin and helping him do idiotic things.

Q) Do you feel as though you’ve made any lasting friendships and business relationships from the show? With whom?
A) I didn’t really have the opportunity to become that close with anyone except perhaps Clint and maybe Brandy (I mean, did you see our photo shoot?). However, I doubt I will do business with any of them. I have enough business partners and people I trust surrounding me as it is. I wish all the contestants luck and happiness, but I doubt I will ever collaborate with them in the business arena. If none of them find jobs after the show, we are currently hiring sales reps here in D.C., and we can put their resume on top of the pile.

Q) What was the best part of your experience? Why?
A) Competing. I love the thrill and experience of a showdown. It was also a unique environment to learn a lot about myself. When you are secluded from your normal life, you have a lot of reflection time. Even though we worked hours on end, the experience as a whole was a great life lesson and an experience I will never forget. I have sourced tons of positive experiences that will ultimately make me a better person moving forward after the show.

Q) What have you been doing since being on the show?
A) I came back to Washington D.C. and have been operating my business, Tradewinds Specialty Imports. I am launching our new entertainment product, The Taste of DC, a three-day food, wine and music festival in the heart of the nation’s capital.

My business partner and I are working on opening our retail beverage chain concept here in D.C., as well as our restaurant concept. We have leases signed with developers and are close to starting build-out phases in our flagship locations here in D.C.

I’m also building my new wine-based web platform for online retail sales of wine, and solidifying partnerships with major clients around the U.S.

Lastly, I am about to throw my hat into the ring to enter the medical marijuana industry here in D.C. when it becomes legal to operate a dispensary. I am building a plan to service and supply those various businesses with unique products they can sell to their clients.

Otherwise, I have been training heavily for swimming and triathlon. In November, I am competing in the New York City Marathon. I have a lot of miles to put under my belt before the race.

Q) Has the experience changed you? Do you approach decisions differently now?
A) It certainly has given me different outlooks on life, though I can’t say it really changed who I am as a person. There is no question I look at situations with what I call “the Apprentice outlook.” If a challenge arises at work, I sit back and think if this was The Apprentice and it was a task, how would I conquer it? My employees would probably say I push them harder now. After being on the show and competing in tasks, you realize how much can get done in a short period of time.

Q) What has the experience taught you about people?
A) Trying to understand people’s true intentions is a difficult task, but when you examine people from a certain perspective (which you learn on the show), you can determine what they really want from you. Generally, people want something from you or figure out how to use the relationship they have with you to get somewhere or do something they otherwise couldn’t do. Beware of people when their motive isn’t clear. If you can’t assess it, take them out for drinks. People are very honest when they are drinking, and it also builds trust socially.

Trust in your inner circle of people, carry them with you, and make sure those you care about are always taken care of. Vet people who are trying to get close to you with your friends and family; they are a good third party to judge what others’ real intentions are!

Otherwise, I love meeting new people and building new relationships. The show taught me a new dynamic of doing that in a hostile environment.

Part I of the season finale of NBC’s The Apprentice airs Thursday, December 2.

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