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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sheree Confronts “The Love Doctor”

November 28, 2010 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry


This week, on an all new episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield finally confronts her boyfriend, Dr. Tiy-e Muhammad about his lies, and NeNe Leakes’ relationship with her husband, Gregg, reaches a new low.


Kandi Burress invites the ladies to appear on her radio show, Kandi Koated Nights, where she asks NeNe, Kim Zolciak, Cynthia Bailey, and Sheree about their “Freak Number.” In order to test out their “freak numbers,” Kandi arranges to have a stripper come entertain the ladies, but Sheree, who claimed to have a freak number of 9, wasn’t too receptive of his “advances.”

Cynthia and Peter–and her stylist best friend–meet with a wedding planner to help with the details of their wedding, which Peter will likely have no input in whatsoever.

In a big move, NeNe meets with an attorney to discuss her options when it comes to filing for divorce. She explains that she’s not trying to hurt Gregg, but wants her decision to take legal action to be like a wake-up call to get him to change his ways.

Kim’s daughter, Brielle, decides that she wants an abstinence ring, though the two can’t seem to agree on an age when it’s okay for her to have sex. (Is anyone else aware of the irony here???!! Hopefully, this ring DOES mean something!)

Meanwhile, in the studio, Kandi and her creative team discuss Kim’s new song and work on ways to make something that’s within Kim’s range. After stripping it down drastically, Kandi decides that if Kim’s still not happy with what she’s created, she’ll sell the song to someone else who is.


Phaedra Parks and her newborn son, Ayden Adonnis, return from the hospital, but of course, there has to be some kind of confusion… Phaedra loves the name Ayden, but Apollo says that he’s going to call the baby by his middle name, Adonnis.

NeNe stops by Kim’s house and the two talk about Kandi Koated Nights and how uncomfortable it makes them to discuss their sex lives in public. They proceed to talk about their sex lives in public. Kim asks NeNe about her relationship with Gregg. NeNe reveals that she told Gregg she filed for divorce and that they had a huge argument over it, to which Kim responds with—her issues with Poppa. Kim talks about wanting to have another baby, but says that she doesn’t want to wait for Poppa to get divorced; she wants a normal relationship. Finally, Kim opens up about her relationship with Tracy, and just falls short of admitting that they hooked up more than once.

Kandi and her family join Kim at her parents’ house for dinner, where Kim tells Kandi that she heard Gregg on the radio talking about NeNe. Gregg claims that he spent over $300,000.00 helping NeNe become someone big, but the fame went to her head. Whether Gregg knows that he was on the radio or not is the question!

Later, Kandi plays the new single for Kim, and she likes it (thank goodness!).

Sheree meets with Dr. Tiy-e to discuss the card party and everything that took place. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him and he complains that she was “asking for too much too soon,” though it seemed to be the other way around. After some heated discussion about his degrees, he wishes her well with a “Peace & Love,” and just like that, he was gone. Good bye to the Love Doctor. Sigh.

NeNe starts her first day of work, but to her surprise, when she turns on the computer, she sees an article about Gregg’s radio interview. She shows her new co-workers, and they let her know that she needs to take control of her media image, so she doesn’t risk her job.

At home, NeNe confronts Gregg with the transcripts from the radio show (because that’s how she rolls). She asks him about the $300,000.00, which he says may have been exaggerated. Gregg says that he thought that he was venting to a friend and didn’t know that he was on the radio. NeNe breaks down and says she doesn’t want to break up the family, but that she doesn’t even know who Gregg is any more. In the end, NeNe reminds him to watch what he says from now on for the sake of their son, and the two walk away from the conversation, seeming to agree that the marriage is over.

For other great The Real Housewives of Atlanta news, please feel free to check out SirLinksAlot: The Real Housewives of Atlanta and then come and discuss the show on our reality TV message boards. For more breaking news about celebrities and entertainment visit our sister site SheKnows.com!

For more breaking news about celebrities and entertainment visit our sister site SheKnows.com!

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