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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Time Is Of The Essence

November 30, 2010 09:42 PM by Lori Wilson


House of Emerald enters week four of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection with three losses under their belt. They know they have to produce something fabulous this week, but can they pull off the winning fashion show while tasked with mixing different eras and plaids? Or will House of Nami dominate once again? Read on to find out what happens this week on the Bravo reality show.

The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection designers meet at the Museum of Natural History where nine metal boxes surround a time capsule, which is not to be opened for 1,000 years. The designers are instructed by Iman to create a fashion forward look based on the contents in the metal boxes, which are time capsules themselves. Each designer grabs a box, which contains items representing different eras to be used for inspiration. As the fashion houses brain storm, Iman adds that she adores plaid and she wants to see it in their collections, which creates mixed reactions from the designers.

In The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection workroom, House of Nami meets with Isaac Mizrahi, who loves their color palate of blues and grays. He does suggest they be careful with the plaid though, because it’s tough to cut. House of Emerald is told by Isaac to simplify their colors in their plaids. He thinks their collection is a bit disparate and urges them to choose wisely at the fabric store because that is a crucial step.


As the fashion houses get to work, Cesar continues to take charge of his new team, House of Emerald, while House of Nami realizes Calvin might not be so bad after all. David and Dominique’s flirtatious banter does not go unnoticed by the rest of the designers, but David explains that he was raised by a single mother and has always had a strong bond with women. However, all the giggling might suggest more is going on than just a tight connection.

Meanwhile, House of Nami produces five looks, while House Emerald only has four, so the latter fashion house decides to make one more garment for a stronger collection. While Cesar takes on creating the extra design, House of Nami is concerned about Rolando’s poorly crafted look. Rolando admits his garment is awful because he is bad at piping, but he doesn’t want to let his team down. Cesar notes his ‘baby’ is struggling, but he has faith in Ro, who makes last minute changes, altering his original concept.

At the fashion show, House of Nami presents an industrial feeling collection. Watching his look go down the runway, Ro feels the changes he made worked and is confident he pulled everything off. As usual, House of Nami believes in their individual designs and total collection. Backstage, House of Emerald scurries around to prep their first model, who will double as their last model due to the extra look. Golnessa’s zipper breaks on her garment and she panics because she doesn’t want to go home. Everything pulls together though and after their models hit the runway, House of Emerald ultimately feels good about their show.


At the judging, Iman and Isaac tell all the designers it was a neck and neck competition this week, as House of Emerald finally came together as a fashion house. After three weeks of straight losses, House of Emerald finally wins their first challenge. The winning look goes to Jeffrey, who will receive an additional $500 for materials should he make it to the finale.

House of Nami face The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection judges, Isaac Mizrahi, Iman and Laura Brown, as well as guest judge supermodel Anja Rubik. The judges think the collection as a whole was a bit boring and needed more texture. When David is brought to task for his unflattering garment, he is asked why he should stay. David looks stumped and doesn’t defend himself, so Dominique pipes up urging him to say something in his defense. He mumbles something about his grandmother being his inspiration. The Fashion House Ultimate Collection judges narrow the worst designers of the week down to David, who had a sense of resignation, and Rolando, who produced a boring look. In the end, Rolando is deemed out of fashion.

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