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America’s Next Top Model: And the Winner Is…

December 01, 2010 07:30 PM by Shayla Perry


This week, on the season finale of America’s Next Top Model , the final two, Chelsey and Ann, went head to head to compete for the grand prize and the title of America’s Next Top Model. Who came out on top? Keep reading to find out!

Tonight, on the season finale of America’s Next Top Model, the final two girls, Chelsey and Ann posed in a shoot for Italian Vogue. While they both did well, the photographer felt that Chelsey was more comfortable in front of the camera.

Back at the house, the girls receive Tyra mail, and correctly guess that their next task will be a Cover Girl commercial for Last Blast Fusion Mascara (another tongue-twister!). Luckily, they are told that they will not have to memorize any lines, since they’ll be recorded in a voiceover.


During their first few takes, both girls actually manage to “wow” Jay Manuel by being able to come across naturally, and in turn, Jay wows the girls with some surprise guests on the shoot–their parents!

Jay lets Chelsey and Ann know that their families will be watching them throughout the remainder of the competition–which means they’ll also be sitting front row at the Roberto Cavalli fashion show.

When it’s time for the voiceover, Ann has a little trouble loosening up at first, but then she’s able to get into it, and does much better. Chelsey rushes through her voiceover, admitting that it was funny hearing her own voice, but also is able to pull through.

Later that evening, the girls meet with Ivan Bart, Sr. Vice President of IMG Models, one on one, which is big, since the winner will be signed with his agency.

Chelsey was first and Ivan felt that she had a great personality that made him feel comfortable talking with her.

Ann, knowing how personable Chelsey can be, is nervous going in to the meeting, and it shows. Ivan says that he’d like to see more of her personality come out.

The next day, the girls begin to prep for the Roberto Cavalli show, and Jay reveals that some other familiar faces will be joining them–including Jane, Kayla, and the cycle 14 winner, Krista.

Backstage the girls get a pep talk from Krista as they’re getting their hair and makeup done, then they get in some quality time with their families, which is a bit overwhelming for Ann, whose family is seeing her like this for the first time.

After meeting Tyra Banks before the show, Chelsey’s mom is starstruck, and almost tells her that Chelsey’s older brother had a huge crush on her (thanks mom!).

Krista starts off the show, and then it’s Ann and Chelsey’s turn. Both do well, but Ann feels her second walk down the runway wasn’t as good as her first.

The girls’ families get to greet them backstage after the show, and both sets of parents are stunned by their daughters’ performances.

At the final judging, Jay Manuel and Roberto Cavalli himself are both on the panel to help determine who will be America’s Next Top Model. Starting with Chelsey, the judges critiqued the ladies’ performance on the runway.

The judges felt that Chelsey’s walk was a bit stiff, and lacked strength, with Cavalli saying that her pose at the end of the runway was “old fashioned.”

The judges agreed that while Ann’s walk improved, she looked scared.

When it came to the Cover Girl commercial, the judges were impressed by the overall commercial, but Tyra felt that they weren’t selling the make-up, but the ice cream. (Ouch!)

Chelsey’s Cover Girl photo was a big hit with Tyra, but both Roberto and Andre felt that it wasn’t clear what product she was selling.

Ann’s photo wasn’t as pleasing, and left the judges feeling that she doesn’t understand “commercial modeling.”

In the judges’ deliberation, the panel was split about who would work best as a top model. Ann’s age seemed to be a problem, though all of the judges felt that she could do well in high fashion, and Chelsey, who is far better commercially, could make it in the United States. So who made it to the top?

In the end, the judges decided that America’s Next Top Model will be…Ann!

America's Next Top Model

What do you think? Do you agree with the judges’ decision, or do you think Chelsey should have won? Sound off in the comments!

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One Response to “America’s Next Top Model: And the Winner Is…”

  1. nkotbgirl21 Says:
    December 2nd, 2010 at 6:52 am

    Yes!!! I am so glad Ann won! Chelsey was way too cocky and was sure she had it over Ann. Ann is a much nicer and friendlier person even if she is shy but she has came along way as in her personality. Way to go Ann!


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