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Hell’s Kitchen: The Final Four Finally Impress Gordon Ramsay

December 01, 2010 08:46 PM by Lisa Princ


FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen is back tonight as the final four compete to prove themselves to Gordon Ramsay. Despite their horrible service last week, the final four bounced back tonight in an attempt to make it into the final three, but who will be sent home this week? Keep reading for all the details!

Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicks off tonight as Chef Ramsay decides to test the contestants’ culinary skills by asking them to re-create a dish that he cooked, using nothing but their senses. With no recipes to utilize, the final four headed to the kitchen in an attempt to create this dish. Trevor was immediately off to a poor start as he sneakily watched what ingredients Nona was pulling out and then he took the same. Nona quickly caught on to him though and decided to trick him as she went back for some pork (when she had previously taken veal) and it worked because Trevor went right back and took a piece of pork as well.

Trevor’s bad luck didn’t stop there however, as he was the only person in the kitchen to forget to put the puree on his plate, and ironically enough while everyone else had yam puree, Trevor made a carrot puree which is exactly what Gordon Ramsay made. Trevor was also the only chef to add wine to his sauce as Chef Ramsay did, but none of that mattered because he had the wrong protein – it was indeed veal, which only Nona and Russell got correct.


Nona was a step ahead of Russell however as she chose pancetta instead of bacon and that ended up winning her the challenge. For winning she would get a day at the spa and when asked who she would like to take along, she chose Russell in attempt to stay on his good side. Trevor and Jillian stayed behind to do laundry, and while doing so they formed what Trevor thought was a bond that they would put both Nona and Russell up for elimination no matter what tonight.

Before dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay called Jillian up to his office. Terrified that she was going home, Jillian was actually surprised when Chef Ramsay was concerned over her lack of confidence as of late and instead gave her a pep talk. Jillian took that and went into dinner service very confident and it showed as she made no mistakes at all tonight – a huge turnaround from last week for her. Nona, however did not have the same luck as she sent up a few bad risotto orders, one of which was for the infamous American Idol reject Sanjaya, who was sitting in the dinning room. Russell had some trouble on the fish station, but was able to quickly bounce back along with Nona.


Trevor, on the other hand was having a mental breakdown, or an overload of some sort. He could not get it together on the meat station and more than once did Gordon Ramsay have to put him in a time out – yes a time out for 30 seconds…I was starting to wonder if we were actually watching Hell’s Kitchen or a preschool show. All in all, the final four had one of their best services to date and Chef Ramsay decided to reward them for that by not sending anyone home this week. Instead they all got visited by their families and loved ones….that, however does not come without a price as next week we will see two chefs eliminated as we head into the finale!

Be sure to tune into Hell’s Kitchen on FOX tonight at 9 pm EST for this brand new episode!

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