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Top Chef All-Stars: Let the Competition Begin!

December 01, 2010 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry


It’s finally here! On tonight’s premiere episode of Bravo’s Top Chef: All-Stars, eighteen of our favorite (and not so favorite) “cheftestants” are back with Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Anthony Bourdain, and Gail Simmons for a second chance at the ultimate food showdown. What did you miss?

Back in New York City, the eighteen contestants from seasons past greeted one another at their new home, sizing up the competition. Everyone has gone on to do big things since their Top Chef days, and everyone wants to win the title of Top Chef even more than they did before.

Walking into the kitchen for the first time, the chefs are met by Padma and Tom who announce that this season, they will be competing for $200,000.00–the biggest cash prize yet!

For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs team up with the others from their season to create a dish representative of their season’s city. The winning team will be granted Immunity.

The Season 5 team from New York decides to use apples as the theme, and as a strategy, each person is making a separate dish.

With three minutes left, Angelo Sosa from Season 7 is bumped and his fish falls on the floor, leaving him to improvise and use smaller portions.

After all of the dishes are presented, Tom and Padma announce that the winner is Season 4 from Chicago.

The Elimination Challenge is next and the chefs are each given ingredients to the dish that caused them to get sent home!


The chefs get busy, recalling their critiques of the past to help them do it right the second time around.

The next day, with 2 hours to prep at the Russian Tea Room, the chefs are split into 2 groups and told that while they’re not cooking, they’ll be dining with the judges on the competitions’ dishes. Even better–the winner will take home $10,000!


While the other contestants get ready to critique the food along with the judges, those in the kitchen realize that there’s a TV for them to watch everything going on in the dining room, but Elia decides not to watch.

After having a taste of the competition, the second group of chefs take to the kitchen to prepare their meals, but when they realize that the others were able to hear their comments, they know they’re going to be in for it!

For the most part, everyone does well, but surprisingly, all agree that Jen’s dish was not as good as they expected it to be–especially considering her talent.

After the challenge, Spike, Jamie, Richard, and Angelo are brought before the judges. Tom immediately lets Richard know that though his dish was great, the tapes show that because he was still plating after the time limit, he is not eligible to win.

The winner of the challenge (and $10,000) is Angelo, who must break the news to Fabio, Stephen and Elia that the judges want to see them.

Elia was confronted by the judges about her fish and the fact that it was raw and she admitted that she did not test it before it was served.

When it was Fabio’s turn, he took issue with Anthony Bourdain‘s comments again.

In the end, the judges deliberated and decided that the first chef to be eliminated would be Elia.

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