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Survivor: Nicaragua — NaOnka Has No Regrets

December 04, 2010 10:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


It’s something that every Survivor fan hates — a quitter.  That’s what NaOnka Mixon ended up becoming as she chose to quit Survivor: Nicaragua alongside fellow wimp Kelly Shinn on Wednesday night’s episode.  In a conference call with reporters, NaOnka held strong with her decision to quit the game.  She didn’t budge as she claimed to have no regrets.  She also discussed the way host Jeff Probst reacted to her decision before talking about the response she’s had from co-workers.  And what about her nasty attitude?  Was that the real deal or just an act for television?  Read on for all the juicy details!

Question: How do you feel about the people already on the jury when you decided to quit since they want to be in the game?

NaOnka Mixon: I’m not gonna apologize to any of the jury members for the decision that I made.  I made this decision — like Purple Kelly — for myself.  I felt like the game was over for me.  I was over it.  My body was aching, too.  As far as Alina crying, I thought it was just another part of the game Survivor to be honest with you.  I also thought maybe she could be feeling like this because we did opt out and she was voted off.  I felt bad for her in that scenario.  Marty, to me, is just on the jury.


My main concern was Brenda, because Brenda was a part of my alliance.  She was my best friend, and I stabbed her in the back.  Then I turn around the next day and give away my Idol to Chase, and quit the game when I could’ve gave it to her and saved her.  So I was more concerned about what her feelings were going to be.  But once we got to Ponderosa, she was there willing to listen even though she didn’t like what we were saying because she wants to be back in the game.  Purple Kelly and I had to be very mindful with the words that we would use when we talked to Brenda and Marty.  They still wanted to be in the game, and we were like, “We quit.”

Question: Do you think Purple Kelly should have stayed in the game?

NaOnka Mixon: I always told Purple Kelly that I compare her to Natalie White, who won her season of Survivor (Samoa).  Kelly definitely could have made her way to the end simply because she was underneath the radar.  She was a silent threat.  She was a part of the most powerful alliance on this season of Survivor.  We were a powerful alliance, she was a part of it and I was the cause of it breaking.  I believe that if Kelly would have went to the end, she would have won.  She didn’t cuss nobody out.  She didn’t steal nobody’s food.  She didn’t push over no girl with an artificial leg.  She just played her game.


Question: At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst was tough on you guys for quitting.  Do you think he was too hard or just playing it up for TV?

NaOnka Mixon: I think that Jeff let us go nicer than I thought that he was gonna let us go.  He was very nice, because myself and Purple Kelly were quite shocked that we were still going to be on the jury.  We had no idea that was gonna happen.  That just ended up being a bonus for us because we already wanted to go home.  The fact that we even get to go to Ponderosa was amazing.  The fact that our torches weren’t broken, they were just placed to the side, was pretty amazing, too.  I think he let us go pretty nice.  And even the little statement he made at the end once we left, was even nice.


Question: Do you have any regrets about how you played the game?

NaOnka Mixon: I don’t regret not one thing that I did on that show.  I played that game with all of the heart; all of the emotion.  I played that game with everything that was inside of me.  It sucks that I had to leave, because it would have been awesome to have won with the way that I played.  I have absolutely no regrets.  If there was anybody else that was in my shoes playing the character that I played, they would have done the same thing.  I was in a position where it was damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Question: You just said you played a very aggressive game.  If you had made it to the end, do you think you would have been able to convince people in the jury that you deserved to win?

NaOnka Mixon: I definitely think that I could have won the game because I played so hard.  My argument would have been, I played this game harder than anyone I’ve ever watched play.  I’ve never been able to watch a Survivor episode, and see somebody just go off and steal shit and still stay in the game and not get a vote.  Just because they had plenty of time to vote me out, and they never put my name in the box made me think for sure for sure, I can possibly go to the final three — and if I do go I do know I could possibly win.


Question: Talk about stealing the food.  Why did you do that?

NaOnka Mixon: That’s the million dollar question.  I stole the food because I was hungry as hell!  We aren’t out there eating meals every day.  We’re just eating rice and drinking water and boiling it.  I was starving.  I was the only one at the chest, and I was like, “You know what, if I’m the only person at this chest, I’m gonna get something out of here.  I ate two apples.  I ate oranges.  I got Alina and we got that mango.  We didn’t even let a drip drop.  It was delicious.


Question: The NaOnka we saw on TV seemed to be very mean, selfish and unintelligent.  Were you just playing for the TV or is that really you?

NaOnka Mixon: I was playing a game for a million dollars.  I’m very intelligent, I have two degrees behind me.  I was not thinking of how to look on television.  I didn’t give a damn how I looked on television.  Obviously, I looked homeless.  But I was playing that game to win a million dollars.  I didn’t care what it took.  I wasn’t going to sugarcoat anything. …  I wasn’t going to be fake.


Question: What we saw was the real you?

NaOnka Mixon: You saw the real me playing the game, but that’s not how I am in real life.  If you put a million dollars in front of me in real life, that’s the NaOnka you’re gonna get.

Question: Do you still have your job as a P.E. teacher?

NaOnka Mixon: Yes I do, thank you for asking.

Question: How has your portrayal on the show been received at school?  Did you get called into the principal’s office or anything to discuss it?

NaOnka Mixon: That’s very funny.  No I didn’t get called into the principal’s office.  The damn game has absolutely nothing to do with how I make my money.  I will be very happy once people start understanding that you can decipher the two and figure out that there’s real life and there’s the game.  That has absolutely nothing to do with anything.  I will be happy once people start butting out of my shit.  Yes I still have my job.  I’ve been there for four years and running.  Everyone there is very supportive of me and the way I played my game.


Question: What made you decide to give Chase the Idol?

NaOnka Mixon: Post merge, I was thinking about quitting.  Chase was there and prayed with me and gave me some encouraging words.  He convinced me to stay.  I felt like he had my back.  If I’m leaving the game, how can I have Chase’s back?  So I gave him the Idol.  It was only right.  I ended up getting really really close to Chase.  Chase was like my little big brother when I was out there.  Chase just lost his father and his story sold me.  It’s just something about him and his spirit that had me where I felt like I had to protect him or at least be a part of his alliance. …


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