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The Apprentice: Liza’s Exit Interview

December 04, 2010 10:00 AM by Shayla Perry


The season finale of NBC’s The Apprentice is just days away, and it’s down to two: Brandy and Clint. But before the last episode, see what Liza had to say about her firing and find out what she’s been up to since leaving the show in her official exit interview.

Q: What was it like hearing the words “You’re fired”?

A: I felt frustrated and helpless and believed the decision was somewhat unfair.

Q: Did you agree with [Donald] Trump’s rationale for your firing? Or did you think one of the other contestants deserved it more?

A: Other contestants’ opinions of me overshadowed any logic for my being fired. I was the winning project manager in the last task and had proven myself throughout the season. My dismissal I feel was unjustified. However, I still respect Mr. Trump’s final decision.

Q: What moment or moments on the show were surprising to you?

A: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the whole process of being under the gun and having people conspire against me. The whole show was an action-packed adrenaline-pumped business learning experience that you couldn’t put a price tag on.

Q: Do you feel as though you’ve made any lasting friendships and business relationships from the show? With who?

A: My experience on The Apprentice allowed me to connect with various people from businesses, which could prove fruitful in the future.

Q: What was the best part of your experience? Why?

A: I grew to enjoy the “arena,” a.k.a. the boardroom because I knew that regardless of co-worker conundrums I would be prepared to justify my actions, decision-making and work ethic.

Q: What have you been doing since being on the show?

A: Weeks of work awaited my arrival back in Corpus Christi. Various projects for various businesses have left little time for relaxation and rest. It’s almost like being on The Apprentice, except I have more time… and privacy.

Q: Has the experience changed you? Do you approach decisions differently now?

A: Since my experience on The Apprentice, I am able to think of projects on a much grander scale. I am continuously reflecting to see how I can make my business processes and activities more efficient by utilizing all available resources.

Q: What has the experience taught you about people?

A: The experience has reconfirmed my belief that people will exploit your weaknesses when they wish to attain the same goal. Work ethic can become ambiguous and people become blinded by their own ambition to ensure their position in life. However, it is the rare individual who finds balance between determination and virtue who truly finds success.

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