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The Amazing Race: Surrounded By Ninjas!

December 05, 2010 07:02 PM by Candace Young


This week on The Amazing Race, the remaining four teams take off for North Korea. Tonight’s results will determine who is in the finale. Nick and Vicki, who had numerous difficulties last week begin with a big disadvantage having earned a six-hour penalty in Hong Kong. Read on to find out which three teams will be in the finale next week…

Nat and Kat are the first to learn they will travel to Seoul, South Korea and from there travel to North Korea and make it to the demilitarized zone.  They head out in a car toward the border.  Jill and Thomas get the news next, followed by Brook and Claire.  Nat and Kat manage to talk a stranger into buying them a travel book because they can’t afford to fly.

Nick and Vicki bring up the rear in a taxi headed to the airport to get a flight to Seoul and catch up with the other teams. They arrive and learn that the soonest flight they can get isn’t until the next morning!

The first three teams arrive in Seoul and get into cars to make their way to the bridge to North Korea. They marvel at the close proximity of the countries given the issues between them.


Jill and Thomas arrive first and find out that they have to white water raft to a point at which they will ride in a humvee to the desired zone.  Nat and Kat are next to arrive, followed by Brook and Claire.  The white water rafting is fun – lots of screaming and splashing.

Jill and Thomas make it to the army truck and take a rough ride in helmets to the next destination where they encounter a road block at the US base.  A large number of soldiers are on a field doing Tae Kwon Do. They must find the soldier wearing a particular headband without getting hit in the process! Brook and Claire are there now too, and make their way onto the field – they’re surrounded by ninjas!

Thomas identifies the headband and the next card tells them to head to Seoul World Cup Stadium. The other two teams remain on the field.  Brook and Claire succeed next and are on their way. Nat and Kat are behind them.  After a subway ride to the stadium, Jill and Thomas still lead.

In the next challenge, the teams must choose Full Throttle, and engage in pairs speed-skating, or Full Bottle, where they go to market and deliver giant ginger roots to a holistic healing center.


Thomas and Jill, Nat and Kat, and Brook and Claire choose speed skating.   Nick and Vicki are still making their way to the North Korean border.

The speed skating is quite comical as a few competitors are rusty on ice skates.  Jill and Thomas finish first and have to go find a statue in a park. They puzzle over how Brook and Claire beat them to the ice rink when they didn’t make any missteps.  Brook and Claire aren’t too far behind.  Nat and Kat arrive at the rink after the others have left.

At the park, Brook and Claire find the statue first and learn they must make their way to the Temple of Heaven. The last team to check in there will be eliminated.

Brook and Claire arrive first, but receive a thirty-minute penalty for driving in a car when they were supposed to walk or take the subway to the rink.  They must wait to check in. Jill and Thomas arrive and learn that they are officially one of the three teams in the finale and they’ve won a trip to Argentina!


Brook and Claire are able to check in as Nat and Kat are still making their way to the temple by cab.  Nat and Kat arrive and find out that they will compete next week – and may become the first all-girl team to win The Amazing Race.  Nick and Vicki are back on the humvee ride. They know they are way behind and talk about what the competition has taught them about each other and their relationship. Ultimately, they are eliminated at the temple.

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