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Skating With The Stars: Injury Plagues Week Three

December 06, 2010 07:57 PM by Lori Wilson


It’s an injury and illness plagued week on Skating With the Stars, as at rehearsal, Brandon Smith was rushed to the hospital after having trouble breathing and throwing up, Rebecca Budig went to the emergency room after hurting her wrist, Jonny Moseley made a misstep, which resulted in him cutting his partner’s finger to the bone and Vince Neil hurt his back. But the show must go on, and so it did. How did these celebrity figure skaters do in week three of Skating With the Stars? Keep on reading to find out.

This week of Skating With the Stars requires the duos to perform a love story and an ambitious jump where they land on one foot. The judges are looking for a convincing romance between the partners.

After a rough dress rehearsal and a trip to the emergency room, Rebecca Budig decides to work through the pain and nails her lift and flip jump with partner Fred Palascak. Johnny Weir thinks her performance was wonderful and calls her the most natural skater in the competition. Dick Button is charmed by Rebecca and thinks she is channeling her inner Dorothy Hamill. Laurieanne tells Rebecca she did a great job. She receives a total score of 50.

Bethenny Frankel (who relocated her family to the west coast so she could rehearse without jet lag) and Ethan Burgess perform a decent routine for the most part. She looks a little uncomfortable in some moves, but her lifts appear well done. Her required element is the toe loop. Dick likes that she trusts her partner, but says she doesn’t quite trust herself. Laurieanne calls Bethenny’s performance heavenly and Johnny Weir reminds her their judging isn’t personal. He thinks she has more presence this week and asks her to trust them as judges because they are there to help her, not hate her. Bethenny, who doesn’t care what the judges think, only the audience and her partner, receives a total score of 36.


Vince Neil’s routine with partner Jennifer Wester is a little clumsy, but he seems pleased with it. His required move is the waltz jump. Laurieanne tells Vince she wanted to come out and skate with him because he has amazing showmanship. Johnny is proud and happy that Vince took their advice because his skating skills were better. Dick Button is honored that he listened to what they said and acted on it. Dick calls himself the TSA of figure skating. He’s like the x-ray machines at the airports and sees the talent in Vince. He adds it’s not far from heavy metal to gold medal. Vince’s total score is 36.

After struggling in rehearsal, Jonny Moseley and partner Brooke Castile perform a dance lift and double jump. He seems to skate with ease and lifts Brooke with no problems. He stumbles a bit on his jump, but recovers nicely to finish with a strong one armed lift. Johnny Weir calls Jonny’s performance insane beautiful. He tells him he is the only one who continues to improve every week. Dick Button likes his improved expressiveness in the arms, but he needs to work on his posture. Laurieanne calls Jonny romantic, emotional and vulnerable. She liked the story they told as well as their performance. Jonny receives an overall score of 51.

After Brandon Mychal Smith is rushed to the hospital, he is rendered unable to compete for the night. During his and Keauna McLaughlin’s rehearsal from last week though, Kyle and Lacey, the runners up from Dancing with the Stars come in to help Brandon learn how to tell a romantic story during his routine. Since Brandon is not there to skate live, the judges watch Brandon and Keanu’s taped rehearsal from the day before to deliver their scores. Dick says it’s difficult to judge the rehearsal, but thinks Brandon has a lot of confidence. He wants him to stand up more though. Laurieanne was really impressed with the connection the duo had in just the rehearsal. Johnny says Brandon is one of his favorites and he hopes he is back next week, but he wanted to see him on the ice despite his doctor’s orders to the contrary. Host Vernon Kay reminds Johnny puke does not look good on the ice, but Johnny Weir has been there and his scores will reflect Brandon’s absence. The judges give Brandon a total score of 39.


The leaderboard finds Jonny and Brooke at the very top, while Vince and Jennifer are tied with Bethenny and Ethan at the very bottom.

Color commentator Tanith Belbin and her professional partner Ben Agosto skate to a song from the “Chronicles of Narnia” soundtrack before the next Skating With the Stars pair is eliminated. Once they are finished, Vince Neil and Jennifer Wester are told they are the latest Skating With the Stars pair to go home.

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