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Dance Your Ass Off: Mel B on Being a Mom

December 07, 2010 07:00 AM by Shayla Perry


It’s been quite a few years since her Spice Girl days, and Melanie Brown (aka Mel B, or “Scary Spice”), host of Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off is now a mom of two (Phoenix, 11, and Angel, 3), a step-mom of one (Giselle, 6), and getting ready to star in her own reality show, It’s a Scary World. So what’s motherhood been like for the former pop star so far?

Babble.com caught up with Mel B and asked her a few questions about parenting and why she refuses to let motherhood totally change her life.

What’s your parenting philosophy?

Do as I say, not as I do.

If you could teach your daughters one life lesson, what would it be?

Always follow your gut instinct, and hopefully the gut instinct is right.

How do you manage a public tantrum?

With my three-year-old, I say, “Okay, I’m just going to leave you there,” and let her think I’ve gone somewhere. Then, I’ll peek around the corner to keep my eye on her, and she’ll stop because she’s not getting any attention from me.

Did you use that same tactic with your older daughter?

No. She gets grounded, or she’ll get her TV taken away from her, or [the entire] weekend — something she enjoys.

What shocked you most about parenting?

My mom was one of seven, so I’ve been surrounded by kids my whole entire life, so nothing really shocks me. If it wasn’t for being part of Spice Girls, I would’ve had kids a lot earlier. I take each day as it comes. I don’t put pressure on myself to be a perfect parent. I love my kids, I adore my kids, and I try as much as possible to set a good example. There [are] definitely a lot of funny things that come along with being a parent, like when my 11-year-old asks about boys and kissing, but I approach it how my mother would’ve approached it, which is being honest. We’re all about being honest in our household and telling the truth, no matter what the consequences are.

Is it difficult to have an eight-year age gap between your daughters?

My 11-year-old is like a mini-mom to my three-year-old; she helps out a lot!

Do the girls get along?

Well, my three-year-old can be a bit of a nightmare. She’s a bit of a screamer. If she doesn’t get her way, she’ll try and attack my older daughter, but that doesn’t go very far.

What’s off-limits in your house?

Soda. But once a week they have their candy day, so they can eat candy and drink a little bit of soda if they want — and they do!

What’s your biggest parenting challenge?

Making sure you give each of your kids the same amount of attention. Between my three-year-old, my six-year-old and my 11-year-old, my eye’s on my three-year-old the most, making sure she’s listening to me and doesn’t fall in the pool. But it’s about splitting your time individually, so each child gets the same amount of attention, which is definitely challenging.

For the rest of Mel B’s Babble interview, click here.

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