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The Amazing Race: Punk Rockers Nick And Vicki Discuss Their Time On The Race

December 07, 2010 04:30 PM by Allyson Wells


On the latest episode of The Amazing Race, Nick and Vicki could not catch up with the other racers after their penalty.  As one of the final four teams, Nick and Vicki discuss their time on the race and their regrets about Nick’s attitude getting them a six hour penalty and ultimately, eliminating them.  They also discuss Nick’s treatment of Vicki.  While viewers saw a volatile and not so friendly side of Nick, Vicki maintains they have a great relationship.  Read on to see what they say about their love, the race and the other racers.

Question:  What was your favorite part of The Amazing Race?

Vicki:  Our favorite part was eating sushi – no I’m kidding! It was definitely when we were in Sweden when we did the dog sleds and the snowmobiling. That was right up our ally. Nick is like the dog whisperer and we both love to snowboard so the snow was great.

Question:  What was the hardest Road Block and why? What was the hardest task overall?

Vicki: The hardest Road Block was the Sushi. It was almost impossible to find the fake sushi especially after a lot of it was gone. The hardest task overall was probably the wheel spinning task in Ghana. That was so hard and it was so hot.

Question:What was the most challenging part of the race?

Nick: I would have to say communication and just constantly being on the go. You never quit – people don’t understand that. Watching it, they might think we have all this time after when the cameras are off but the cameras are never off, it’s constant go, go, go. You’re running on four hours of sleep every two days.  When you’re on the plane you get to eat and that’s about the extent of it. A lot of people watching on TV might have an idea of how stressful it could be, but at the same time they have no idea. It is very stressful.

Question:  Was it hard to watch some of the episodes? Do you think you were portrayed accurately on the show?

Vicki: It was hard and fun watching the shows. I think Nick was portrayed a lot more crude than he really was. I was portrayed pretty accurate.

Question:  Anything you were surprised to see watching the show back?

Vicki: I was surprised to still be upset about Nick making us take that six hour penalty. If we hadn’t got that penalty we really believe that we would have been in the final three.

Question:  What from the show are you most proud of? Any regrets?

Vicki: We are most proud that we made it to the top four and didn’t kill each other We made it really far. We raced all around the world. The only regret is taking that six hour penalty. Nick should have kept going and we should have finished that.

Question:  Were you very close to getting the first flight in Seoul? It seemed like you just missed it.

Vicki: We were trying to figure that out, actually. I think we got to the airport way too late. It wasn’t as close as it looked on TV but honestly, that whole leg of the race… I don’t even remember that far back! I think we wouldn’t have been able to catch it no matter what.

Question:  Do either of you regret the decision not to finish the previous detour?

Nick: Seeing that on TV, I was pretty disappointed with myself. I thought we were going to be fine due to the overlay in the airport situation but it put us just a little bit too far back. I was pretty disappointed in myself, to answer your question.

Question:  What about how you acted on that leg? Was that the stress of the race getting to you?

Nick: Yeah, that’s not our everyday life, most definitely. That had to do with a lot of mental and physical stress. Every little bit of energy I had in my body was just gone and it finally caught up to me and I said, “Enough is enough.”

Question:  Vicki, you struggled with your asthma on the last leg. Was that a struggle throughout the race?

Vicki:  I actually struggled throughout the race a lot with my asthma but that leg, due to exhaustion and being so stressed out and having anxiety about where we were and whether we were going to finish, just made it ten times worse. Just all that stress at one time.  That was probably one of the worst legs.

Question:  How has the race benefited your relationship going forward?

Vicki:  I think it definitely benefited our relationship. We learned a lot about each other and dealing with each other. You have to understand that in everyday life you’re not stuck 24/7 with somebody – we both have our work and stuff. We see each other maybe five to seven hours a day at the most and then sleep and stuff so it was hard to be 24/7 with each other, but we learned a ton and it has only benefited us. I know people out there are probably like,  “They have a horrible relationship.” I have heard plenty of comments! It doesn’t bother us because we know how strong a couple we are and it only gets stronger every day.

Question:  What are your plans for the future?

Vicki: We’re both just furthering our careers and enjoying life.  My goal is to further my career with hair and stuff like that. I do travel with it but I’d like to do more, like part-time LA, part-time Vegas. Nick is doing his bar-tending and construction and stuff like that and hoping it gets busier and busier.  Maybe one day we’ll live in California. We’d like to do part-time in both places.

Question:  Will you keep in touch with anybody from the race?

Vicki: Absolutely. I actually feel like the entire cast were pretty much the most friendly cast ever. All of us got along and all of us are very close. It’s like a little family. When you travel around the world with people and you are constantly together, you gain a trust in them. They are all great friends.

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