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The Biggest Loser: Final Four Go Home And Compete In A Marathon

December 07, 2010 09:05 PM by Lisa Princ


The Biggest Loser on NBC is back tonight and the final four go home for a few weeks and then return to the ranch to run a marathon. But the burning question remains – who will get the two spots in the finale at the weigh in and who will have to rely on voters? Keep reading to find out what happened!

NBC’s The Biggest Loser kicks off this week as Ali Sweeney sends the final four contestants home for a few weeks before they will have to return to run a 26.2 mile marathon. While at home, each contestant gets to watch a video with their families of their journey during their stay at the ranch. While all the families were emotional, Ada’s video was by the far the most emotional as we actually saw her mom and dad sit down and hear all her thoughts. Both of her parents had tears in their eyes as they talked things out with Ada, claiming they didn’t know how unhappy she was and that her dad just thought by providing for her he was being supportive. They all vowed to change things and be supportive, hopefully for Ada’s sake they will.

Speaking of support, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels paid the contestants a visit while at home as well – and of course to kick their behinds in the gym for a few hours. Jillian has a good visit with Ada, who promises that she is going to beat Tara’s record for the marathon. Jillian however is not impressed with Elizabeth when she visits her as Elizabeth informs her that she has only lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks. Discouraged by this, Jillian opens up Elizabeth’s fridge to find she has nothing but junk food in there claiming it was her boyfriend’s. Jillian laid into her and then kicked her butt at the gym and in typical Elizabeth style she broke down on the treadmill claiming a cramp, but after a chat with Jillian she went home and cooked a healthy meal with her boyfriend.


Bob Harper went to visit Patrick and he pushed Patrick extra hard in the gym knowing that Patrick is the only unemployed contestant and reiterates to Patrick that winning could change his life which his family needs so much right now. Bob also paid Frado a visit who seemed to be doing well at home, even though he said he had a rough start when he did get home. Frado also won a visit from Curtis Stone and decided to turn the visit into a charity event. Curtis cooked healthy meals teaching Frado while paying it forward and earning $25k for 5 different charities of Frado’s choice.

Next up on The Biggest Loser, the final four contestants competed in a 26.2 mile marathon, and while all four completed the marathon, Ada was the first to finish and despite a 6 minute potty break she ended up beating Tara’s record for the fastest woman to date. Then it was time for the final four to head off to their final weigh in after being home for 6 weeks and this is how our finalists did at home:

from 179 lbs to 167 lbs for a total loss of 12 lbs (6.70%)

from 192 lbs to 177 lbs for a total loss of 15 lbs (7.81%)

from 248 lbs to 221 lbs for a total loss of 27 lbs (10.89%)

from 279 lbs to 244 lbs for a total loss of 35 lbs (12.54%)


So after the weigh in we have both Patrick and Frado definitely in the finale next week as they had the two highest weight loss percentages. Both Ada and Elizabeth still have a chance to get into the finale, but it is up to you to decide that, so be sure to go to NBC and vote for who you think should be the third finalist in next week’s finale. The winner will be revealed live next week on the finale of The Biggest Loser on NBC so be sure to tune in next week!

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