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Hell’s Kitchen: The Two Finalists Are………….

December 08, 2010 08:35 PM by Lisa Princ


FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen is back tonight as the final four look to impress Gordon Ramsay once again. Much to their dismay however, two chefs will be heading home tonight as the two finalists are revealed. Who made it? Keep reading for all the details!

Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicks off tonight as Gordon Ramsay issues the final four a very interesting challenge. For this challenge the contestants had to create a dish by “fusing” ingredients from two different countries into one delicious meal. Each contestant chose two countries by drawing flags randomly and then had to create a dish to be judged by Chef Ramsay and a few guest judges from other restaurants. Trevor, who had Mexican and Chinese failed to impress the judges with his spicy cuisine as did Nona who had Italy and Greece. Russell ended up with France and India, but used too much France and not enough Indian flavor fused into his dish to impress- in fact the judges were disheartened that his duck was over cooked.

The only contestant out of the final four who impressed Chef Ramsay and the judges was Jillian, who was able to beautifully fuse Thailand and Spain with her spicy marinated shrimp and rice. When asked which the best dish was, all the judges were hands down that Jillian had the best dish. For winning the challenge, Jillian was told she would be going to lunch with Chef Ramsay, but when she got there she was surprised to see her family awaiting her. Back at Hell’s Kitchen, the other three contestants were busy cleaning the dorms and packing things up. When it came to dinner service prep, Russell and Trevor were going at it again as Russell was trying to show Trevor how to dice a shallot but Trevor was having no part of Russell tonight.


When it was time for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen, it was time for the chefs to run the pass so Gordon Ramsay could get a feel for who had the leadership skills that he was looking for. First up was Russell, who did a perfect job – even immediately spotting Chef Scott’s sabotaged salads. Next up it was Nona, who did a good job running the pass and getting the food out, but she did not pass the quality control test as she was about to send out mashed celery root that should have been mashed potatoes. Chef Ramsay quickly stopped her though and from that point on Nona was a lot more careful on what she sent out, including sending a few things back.

Then it was Trevor’s turn to run the pass and it was a complete joke. No one showed him any respect or even listened to him for that matter until Chef Ramsay stepped in. While Trevor was able to spot the sabotaged fish, he did not fare nearly as well as Russell or Nona in running the pass. Jillian was last up, and she did a good job up there but also missed the sabotaged dish and quickly rebounded by be very careful of every little detail. She was so careful she made Trevor redo his fish many times before she would let them go out – so much so that Trevor was getting angry, but she proved she could run the pass well.


After a great dinner service, Chef Ramsay informed the contestants that two people would be going home and they needed to decide who should stay and who should go. Immediately upon returning to the kitchen though Chef Ramsay had his own thoughts and decided that the first contestant that would not be going to the finale due to lack of leadership skills was Trevor. The remaining three then pleaded their cases as to why they belonged in the finale and Chef Ramsay revealed the first finalist was Russell – we knew that was coming. Shockingly however, he then revealed that the second finalist would be Nona….I thought for sure it would be Jillian since she had two great performances, but Chef Ramsay just did not think she had what it takes to run the LA Market.

Be sure to tune in Wednesday at 9 pm EST on FOX for the season eight finale of Hell’s Kitchen as Nona and Russell battle it out!

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  1. Amy Maxwell Says:
    March 16th, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I wanted Trevor to win really badly but it’s ok that Nona won I guess


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