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Top Chef: Joe Jonas Challenges the All-Stars

December 08, 2010 09:53 PM by Shayla Perry


It’s official–there is now no channel that’s safe from the Jonas Brothers, as teen heartthrob Joe Jonas made an appearance in the all new episode of Bravo’s Top Chef: All-Stars. What was his challenge to the All-Star chefs? Who went home? Keep reading for everything you missed in Wednesday night’s episode.

After last week’s challenge and elimination, the 17 remaining All-Star chefs realized that this time around, things would prove to be even more difficult than they expected, and they’d all have to step up their game to win the title of Top Chef.

In the kitchen, they were greeted by Padma Lakshmi and Joe Jonas (his name must always be read with the sound of screaming pre-teen girls in mind), though Dale of Season 4, who apparently lives under a rock, thought he “might be a pastry chef.”

Padma Lakshmi informed the chefs that for their Quickfire Challenge, they’d each be creating a dish for the Night at the Museum sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History. Joe Jonas, a surprise guest at the sleepover, will decide which chef’s dish will be served to the 150 kids for their midnight snack.

Joe breaks the news to the cheftestants that the dish they create must be able to be eaten without utensils and plates–and oh, they only have 30 seconds to create it! Joe Jonas has a sense of humor. We’re kinda starting to get the attraction.

Padma Lakshmi assures the chefs that they’ll have 45 minutes to create their snack and that the winner will not only receive immunity, but an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

The chefs rush to try to create something that Joe and the kids will both like. Lots of sugar was needed, which was a problem when Dale took it from the pantry and forgot to put it back, leaving everyone looking for it.

Tiffani from Season 1 sought to improve her image with kids, which admittedly wasn’t so great after the Boys & Girls Club challenge during her season, by creating a mix between a snowball, a moonpie, and a Rice Krispie treat–”if they all had a threesome and a baby.” Gotta love the visual on that one!


Some of the snacks were a bit fancy, and Tiffany D., Mike, and Stephen’s were Joe’s least favorite. At the end of the challenge, Joe Jonas chose both Spike’s potato and carrot chips with dip, and Tiffani’s snowball-moonpie lovechild, so Padma informs them that the kids will be making the decision on the winner of the challenge. Makes you think that the plan was always to have two snacks at the museum, huh?

The chefs are not thrilled to be spending an evening with 150 screaming kids (who would be?), but Tiffani is pretty confident in her sugary treat.

Tiffani and Spike both select teams to help them assemble their snacks. Fabio, who no one chose, decided to join Spike’s team.

After assembling the snacks, the chefs arrive at the museum and are swarmed by hungry, screaming children.

Spike’s strategy is to butter up the kids to get them to vote for his healthier snack, and Tiffani and her team quickly begin to do the same.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any louder, Padma Lakshmi and Joe Jonas entered the room (though we’re sure the screaming wasn’t for Padma) and asked the kids which snack they liked most. Obviously, they chose Tiffani’s, so she won the challenge and immunity.

But before they can celebrate, Tom Colicchio comes in with the details of the Elimination Challenge, which is starting immediately. Tom informs the chefs that they’re going to not only spend the night at the museum, but that they’ll be making breakfast for the children and they’re parents, and can only use what’s in the museum kitchen.

Tom Colicchio also lets them know that one team will be preparing a “carnivorous” meal with meats and dairy, while the other will make a meal with mostly fruits and grains. As Tiffani’s advantage, she gets her choice and selects the meat and dairy meal.

The next morning the contestants get off to a tired start at 4am, and the “carnivore” team is upset to learn that they can’t use any herbs to season the meat.

Jamie cuts her thumb and leaves to get stitches, which Fabio doesn’t think is any excuse to go.

With their meals prepared, the teams head outside to set up the buffet with only an hour until the meal is served.


Jamie returns with a whole 2 stitches–yup, 2.

Guest judge Katie Lee (host of the first season of Top Chef) arrives with Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, and Gail Simmons, and they all sit to have breakfast with some of the kids to help them judge the dishes.

After the challenge, Padma Lakshmi brings Spike’s team in to Judges’ Table to let them know that they won. Katie announced that the winning dish was Angelo, Marcel, and Richard’s banana parfait.

The next team enters the judging room and immediately begins complaining that they should have been able to use herbs. Jen was especially angry, saying she felt her team was better and that the other team didn’t make “breakfast foods,” even questioning the judges’ smarts–and just about everything else they had to say.

When the team left the room, Tom Colicchio said that he’s fine with chefs talking back, and that they’ll never be eliminated for doing so, but it’s clear that Jen’s dish isn’t as good as she thought it was, and in the end, it was her that was told to pack her knives and go.

Will the remaining chefs blame Jen’s partner, Jaime, for not being there to help her out?

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