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Survivor: Nicaragua — Benry Relives Getting Blindsided

December 09, 2010 04:35 PM by Ryan Haidet


Blindsided.  Benry was the latest casualty on Survivor: Nicaragua sent home in a stunning strategic play as Sash joined forces with Holly, Jane and Chase and easily voted him off.  In a conference call with reporters, Benry revealed why he thinks he was booted instead of Fabio, explained how he was selected to be on the show and how it has changed his life since.

Question: Why do you think you were blindsided over Fabio?

Benry: I think Sash, Chase, Holly and Jane — I think those four sort of sat by the side and assessed what each of our potentials were and how big of threats we were going to be.  I think they sort of thought I was going to be the bigger threat ultimately.  I think they thought they had seen me perform better than Fabio in challenges and that I could easily win individual Immunity and win my way into the top three.  I didn’t really piss too many people on the jury off at all, and I was a danger to sit next to in the top three.  I think they might have also factored in that maybe I was a little more aware and intelligent of what was going on in the game. …  I think Sash thought that I may have been a little closer with Chase and Holly than Fabio was.  I think all those factors sort of laid into their decision to vote me out last night.


Question: What were they telling you the whole time before Tribal Council?

Benry: Holly and Chase swore to me that they were voting Fabio.  Sash had told me he was voting Fabio as well.  I didn’t really talk much to Jane at that point in the game anymore because I knew that she was gunning for me. …  I was definitely duped.


Question: If you had made it to the end, who would you have wanted to be sitting next to you at the final Tribal Council?

Benry: It probably would have been Sash and Dan.  I think I would have a nice $1 million check if that were the case.

Question: Why is that?

Benry: I know a lot of people on the jury were offended by Sash, and were stabbed in the back by Sash.  Dan was consistently talking about his Ferrari, his mansions, his millions and I didn’t think anybody was going to give a millionaire a million-dollar vote.  I would have deserved it.  I would have probably physically won my way in there with Immunity and I think that I didn’t make that many enemies on the jury.


Question: Why did you call Alina a dirt squirrel and do you regret it?

Benry: No I don’t.  I don’t regret it at all.  She’s a dirt squirrel.  Unfortunately, I caught a lot of heat for it.  There’s a lot that the viewer doesn’t get to see.  There’s a lot that went on between Alina and I.  I think the rest of the tribe would 100 percent agree with me and tell you the same thing — that Alina is a dirt squirrel.  She was just shifty.  She knew what she was doing.  I could see right through her the entire time.  There’s a lot that happened that you guys didn’t get to see.  For instance, the night she went home, she knew she was going home.  She knew she was about to get voted off, so scrambling she goes into everybody’s ear saying, “Well Benry stole bananas during the first week, and you guys didn’t know.  He’s a liar.  Let’s get rid of Benry.  Physical threat.  He stole bananas.”  Talking to numerous people. …  That was right prior to that Tribal Council where I voted and I called her a dirt squirrel.  I think it was heat of the moment as well.  It was right before we went into Tribal, and it just wasn’t sitting well with me.  I knew she was scrambling and trying to get me voted out. …  It was the heat of the moment, and it’s a term that my friends and I use.  I live in Hollywood, and there’s many dirt squirrels out here. …  Alina is a dirt squirrel in my book.  Nothing against her.  She’s a great girl.  She’s got a great heart.  She was playing the game, and she’s a little dirt squirrel.


Question: From a personal standpoint, what did you take away from the game?

Benry: It was truly above and beyond anything I expected.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I’m 24 years old.  I grew up in Denver.  I live in Hollywood, which is night and day.  I do well where I live and always have a friggin’ Blackberry glued to my hand.  It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life to turn the phone off, get out there and really learn a lot about myself; just how important the little things in life are, man.  I met a lot of really really cool people.  Everybody was so different and had their own unique story.  It was just great to meet some people that I’m probably going to remain in contact with for a very long time.


Question: Tell us how you got on the show.  Were you a fan before?

Benry: I’ve always been a fan of Survivor.  I can remember watching Survivor back in middle school with my family on Thursday night before I had to go to bed.  I was actually in a place of work and I met a casting director who was involved with casting season 21 at the time.  I submitted an audition tape, which kicked ass and one thing led to another.  It happened pretty quick and I ended up getting a plane ticket to Nicaragua.


Question: Watching the game wrapping up, did you think the final six would be those who are left?  Are you disappointed with how this has turned out?  Are these people you ever expected to make it to the end of the game?

Benry: No.  They’re not.  I am kind of disappointed.  Sash might be one of the only ones that I guess you could say deserves to be there.  He’s played a good game.  But everybody else should probably be gone already.  Now I have a million dollar vote in my hand.  Like, who do I vote for?


Who will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others to take home the $1 million prize?  The finale comes on Sunday, December 19.

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