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The Amazing Race: Season Finale

December 12, 2010 07:35 PM by Allyson Wells


On the season finale of The Amazing Race, three teams remain:  doctors Nat and Kat, home shopping network hosts Brook and Claire and dating couple Jill and Thomas.  Will an all-female team win for the first time?  Which team will be the first to the finish line to claim the million dollar prize?

In Seoul, South Korea, the three remaining teams depart.  Jill and Thomas depart first.  The learn they must fly to Los Angeles, their final destination.  From there, they must go to Long Beach to a pier.  Jill thinks they have worked so hard the entire time and that they will win.  Brook and Claire depart second with pink flowers in their hair.  Brook thinks they work best under pressure.  Nat and Kat depart last and head for the airport. 


At the airport, Jill and Thomas are annoyed to see Korean Air is closed.  Brook and Claire arrive to see Jill and Thomas waiting.  Nat and Kat arrive to see the other teams waiting to secure plane tickets.  All three teams end up on the same flight.  Once they land, all teams frantically take off for Long Beach.

Nat and Kat arrive at the pier first.  They get their clue, which informs the teams they must go to the top of a crane and bungee jump to the water and then climb back to dry land.  Nat is completely freaked out because she is scared of heights, but Kat urges her to take deep breaths.  The other teams quickly arrive and all head for the top.  Nat cries as she hangs in her harness, but ends up being okay.  Jill and Thomas are dropped second.  Brook and Claire are dropped last.  Brook doesn’t enjoy the free falling and screams the entire time. 


The teams get their next clue and learn they must ride a helicopter to a surprise destination.  Nat and Kat take off first, followed by Jill and Thomas and lastly Brook and Claire.  Brook and Claire are so excited to be in the helicopter and think it is the best leg of the race.  The helicopters land at the Rose Bowl.  The teams learn they must decorate floats for the Rose Bowl and meet the high expectations of the Rose Queen for their next clue.  Nat gets to work on the float for her team.  Jill and Thomas arrive shortly after and Thomas takes the road block.  Jill is worried that Thomas won’t be able to pull it off.  Brook and Claire arrive and Brook takes the challenge for their team.  Claire thinks they can catch up on this challenge.  Brook feels right at home in the float brigade.  Nat finishes first.  Thomas finishes not too far behind Nat.  Brook quickly finishes as well.

Nat and Kat have trouble finding a cab driver to take them where they need to go and can’t figure out the clue.  They end up borrowing a phone and getting someone to help them.  Jill and Thomas also have trouble deciphering the clue.  They beg the cab driver to use their phone to do a Google Internet search.  The cab driver has a hard time understanding them.  They get out of the cab and start yelling on the streets to strangers asking to use their Internet.  Brook and Claire ask their cab driver to take them to a hotel to use the Internet.  Brook and Claire quickly figure out where to go and return to their cab. 


Nat and Kat arrive at a film studio for their next roadblock.  From a giant film screen, they must pick out the 11 greeters that they met along their legs of the race.  Bob Eubanks is their host.  Nat and Kat use their notebook with their notes to help them.  They get it correct on their first try.  They receive their next clue, which tells them they must go to the Greystone Mansion for the finish line.

Brook and Claire arrive at the studio second and give Bob Eubanks a big kiss.  They get started on the challenge and are thrilled when they get it right on the first try.  They hop in a cab and take off for the finish line.

A disappointed Jill and Thomas wish they had taken a different taxi and continue to ride around aimlessly.

Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire race to the mansion.  The other eliminated teams wait at the mansion and clap as Nat and Kat arrive at the finish line first and become the first all-female team to win The Amazing Race.  Nat is happy to show people with diabetes that they can do anything.  Brook and Claire arrive second and hug Nat and Kat.  They dance at the finish line and are happy they laughed their way around the world.  Brook thinks that you can be feminine and a strong woman.  Jill and Thomas arrive in third place.  Jill and Thomas feel fortunate they did the race together.  All of the teams hug and congratulate one another. 


What did you think of the outcome?  Were you surprised Nat and Kat won?  Personally, I was rooting for spunky gals Brook and Claire.  However, it was time for an all-female team to finally win! 

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