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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Pulling Off A Miracle With The Real Housewives

December 14, 2010 10:01 PM by Lori Wilson


Week five of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection collides with The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, as the designers must use the Bravo reality TV stars as models. The pressure gets to House of Nami who starts to fall apart at the seams, while House of Emerald continues to work well as a group. But who ultimately wins this stressful challenge? Keep on reading to find out.

The designers are summoned to Daniel’s restaurant in New York City where they are greeted by Isaac Mizrahi. He explains their challenge is to design a gown to be worn to a high society gala. However, instead of using their regular models this week, they will be working with The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Since they won last week, House of Emerald gets to choose which Housewives they want to design for. They choose Orange County, which means House of Nami must design for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, all of whom Calvin thinks need to class up. The designers choose a housewife to work with and get down to brainstorming fashion and style ideas with their clients.

Back at The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection studio, the fashion houses create their themes and mood boards to present to Isaac. House of Nami chooses blues and greens for their color palate, but David feels they are disjointed and he is prepared to lose this challenge. When Isaac consults with them, he questions David’s design, so Calvin offers up his ideas. Isaac likes what he has to offer, but David does not appreciate his advice. As for House of Emerald, Isaac loves their mood board, but warns them about their choice of golds and nudes.


The designers go back to the workroom and begin to create their garments. As they work, the experienced and knowledgeable Cesar continues his role as House of Emerald team leader, offering his advice to Jeffrey and Golnessa. Meanwhile, on House of Nami, Calvin recognizes that his team is feeling a bit down after losing last week. David also thinks that Dominique is having a hard time after losing Ro from the last challenge.

The next day, as the designers prepare for the Housewives first fitting, Calvin finishes before everyone else and makes a second dress because he is bored. The women enter and see their gowns. Jeffrey’s Real Housewife of Orange County Lynne is not thrilled with her dress as she thinks there is too much fabric over her chest, which she can’t rock. She wants the neckline cut more so Jeffrey gets out the scissors and opens it up, turning into an off the shoulder look, which she likes much better. Jeffrey wanted it to be modest and elegant, but he says Lynne practically wanted to be naked.

Meanwhile, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa can’t decide between the two dresses Calvin has made, which drives Calvin insane. She wants him to make a new dress, but Calvin flatly refuses and tells her to wear the first one he made. David’s dress for Caroline is too short and the green he uses does not work. Dominique thinks it’s a mess and David himself calls it a Peter Pan green. Dina from New Jersey thinks the designs for The Real Housewives of Orange County look more like a collection than theirs does. David works overtime to make his dress work within their collection, as Dominique starts to cry, fearing she will lose another person she’s close to. Eduardo helps David by suggesting he overlay his old green with a chiffon. As David works, he and Calvin butt heads and insult each other.

At the fashion show, House of Emerald is confident in their collection, but despite Caroline loving the changes to her dress, House of Nami, is feeling quite the opposite. After watching The Real Housewives of Orange County walk the runway, Dominique tells the camera she knows they can’t win. She isn’t proud of her dress and breaks down in tears again backstage. The mood changes though when The Real Housewives of New Jersey strut down the runway. House of Nami becomes more confident feeling their garments actually work well on the catwalk, mostly due to the show the Housewives of New Jersey put on.


After the fashion show, writer, producer and socialite Susan Fales-Hill joins Iman, Isaac and Laura Brown as they talk with each house individually, along with their Real Housewives models. During the House of Emerald critique, Cindy’s dress receives high praise from both the judges and her model Lauri, while her teammates are severely critiqued. When it’s House of Nami’s turn, Dominique’s garment is the least liked by the judges, while Eduardo’s is praised for being well executed. The judges remind him though, that they are seeing the same thing from him every time.

All the Real Housewives are excused and both fashion teams come together to learn that House of Nami pulled it out and won the challenge. Dominique calls it a miracle, which Iman agrees with. Eduardo’s and David’s dresses are the top two looks, but Eduardo, who dressed New Jersey Housewife Dina, once again is named the winner. If he makes it to the finale he will get an extra $500 to spend on his collection.

When it comes time to eliminate the next Fashion Show Ultimate Collection designer, House of Emerald is told their color palette felt muddled and unflattering and their gowns unfinished. It comes down to Golnessa and Jeffrey, but ultimately it’s Golnessa, whose awkward design with a poorly patched up tear, is told she is out of fashion.

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