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Kate Plus Eight: New Report Suggests Kate Gosselin’s Kids WERE Expelled!

December 15, 2010 03:00 PM by Shayla Perry


Kate Gosselin of TLC’s Kate Plus Eight made the “media rounds” weeks ago, refuting reports that two of her sextuplets had been expelled from their Pennsylvania private school and were being homeschooled. But now, a new source has come forth, claiming that Alexis and Collin Gosselin were, in fact, expelled for physically abusing both students and staff members at the school!

“Both Jon and Kate were sent a letter from the head of the school explaining that despite their best efforts, staff had reached a point at which they had to request the children enroll in another program,” a source close to the Gosselin kids’ school told RadarOnline.

Apparently, the decision to remove the children from the school did not come easily, and the school made several attempts to help Alexis and Collin Gosselin improve their behavior.

“Both Alexis and Collin received three full weeks of intensive special treatment to focus on their behavior,” said the source. “While the teacher was able to achieve some success, it became apparent to the school that the pair needed intensive assistance to help them with their social, emotional and academic needs.”

After initial reports that the children had been expelled, Kate Gosselin denied the rumors, and told numerous media outlets that the decision to remove the kids from school was a mutual one.

“The school would never use that word,” Kate told People Magazine. “[Alexis and Collin] were not expelled. [The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave for now.”

According to the source, Kate and Jon Gosselin are now trying to figure out what to do with Alexis and Collin–continue to have them work at home with a tutor, or try to get them into another private school. But with the two parents having a distinct difference of opinion as to how they want to live their own lives (Kate’s in favor of life in front of the cameras, while Jon wants a more “normal life”), it doesn’t look like this decision will be reached easily either.

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Photo Source: TLC

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6 Responses to “Kate Plus Eight: New Report Suggests Kate Gosselin’s Kids WERE Expelled!”

  1. C.W. Says:
    December 15th, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    I disagree with some statements in the article. First, Jon was forced to avoid life in front of the cameras when TLC filed an injunction against him for breaking his contract following gigs in Las Vegas, endorsement efforts during south of France trip with a designer, and paling around with Lohan’s father wanting a TV deal about divorced dads.

    Secondly, what is wrong exactly with a mother putting out better information regarding what is being reported in the press about two young children and problems in school.

    She’s raising eight kids and trying to support them. Big deal. TLC/Discovery Channel came to them if I remember correctly. Pays more than nursing field.

  2. Barbra Says:
    December 15th, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    why would any judge believe anything kate gosselin says when there is evidence ON TAPE of her unfavorable treatment of her children, their father, their relatives, all for the sake of HER ‘career’. She has NO talents, shows no skills that would help her be successful in the field of nursing and shows continually that the only thing she finds important is what SHE wants for herself!

  3. Leslie Says:
    December 16th, 2010 at 10:13 am

    It is a PRIVATE Institution, but of course the media/journalists insist that this is a public issue. I’m more interested in the employees from this so-called Private Institution who keep breaking confidentiality laws. I would never enroll my child in this school and if I were kate Gosselin I would sue this school for confidentiality and privacy violations. What this school has done is “labeled” the two Gosselin children and painted a picture that would in most cases prevent these two children from attending other schools. If it was a “rogue” employee of the institution who is responsible for saying things that aren’t true then I would definitely fire him/her and make certain he/she never worked with children again. As for the people who get online and blog “hate” speech against Kate…I would start suing them as well. Why would a website allow a person to post “hate” speech about another person? People don’t seem to understand that when you chat and blog online they aren’t chatting in a personal conversation, they are chatting in PUBLIC. And to Barbra…Who are you? Who are you to judge this woman? It’s obvious by your question that you have no knowledge of law. Just because YOU think Kate displays “unfavorable” treatment in videos doesn’t mean you are right. Maybe your view of treatment is jaded. Maybe, just maybe your view isn’t how the rest of us view things. It is possible that someone like Kate or me would watch how you treat your children and view you as neglectful and abusive. So, when can we expect to see your face in front of cameras instead of hiding behind a keyboard and computer monitor? Barbra wouldn’t last a day in my women’s circle…and she’s probably run away complaining about every other woman in the group…but I know she wouldn’t be back. Cowards blog negative judgments about people that are all speculation. They should be sued in a court of law. And…the website who hosts the “hate” speech should be sued as well.

  4. Not Me Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Why give this family any more due in the media or otherwise? Why is it such a shock that people have when these children have “issues” behaviorally or otherwise over their messed up situations and public life that their PARENTS thrust upon them for the sake of money???
    Give it another 10 years or so and these kids will have a tell all book out.. I’m sure it will be then the tables will turn. They’ll need the $$ somehow to pay for all that specialized therapy they are going to need over all the trauma.

  5. Barbra Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 4:58 am

    Running away is not my style. To leslie, who are YOU to determine that it was a school employee who gave out information? There is no proof of WHO the informant was. As far as my not fitting in with you or kate or your women’s circle, what makes you think I would care to be associated with any of you? I have a wonderful connection with three groups with a total of about 40 women and find myself welcomed at every function we have. As for my family relationship, I have 3 terrific grown kids, 3 great in-law kids (and one ex-in-law), 8 fantastic grandchildren (1 9yr old who spends the night once a month and 1 21yr old who comes for lunch twice a week between college classes), so, I guess I don’t have to worry about your assessment of my character. It’s funny, I shouldn’t be allowed to state my views on what she is like but you felt it okay to call me jaded, abusive and neglectful. And as far as my view not being like how the ‘rest of us view things’, the viewership of HER show has gone down consistently since SHE became the focus of the show, the children are only shown smiling when with their father and when with their mother figure they look sad and dejected. And this type reaction is also noted on HER face, scowls/frowns when with the children and smiles when with her BG/BF and in any city other than where her children are. I may not have a law degree but have worked as a legal secretary and done paralegal work and need none of that background to recognize someone who has used the system to birth a slew of kids for her financial gain. And as far as her trying to sue anyone for what is on the blogs, she put herself in the limelight by choice, she lets them film her less than stellar mom act and if we comment on what she shows us, oh well. We’re only stating the truth as verified by her filmed and recorded actions. No one needs to make up lies about her, she does a fine job of that herself. It’s a shame that there isn’t an ‘inner’ beautification enhancement available because all the ‘outer’ work ain’t doin it!

  6. susan Says:
    March 1st, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Leslie,it`t called freedom of speech.This self-made, want to be celeb unfortunately is viewed by majority of people as a self centered,greedy person, exploiting her own children in order to maintain the life style many wished they had with only two or three children.Barbra is right,she really has no talent.How she got on DWS remains a mystery.It was simply painful to watch the worst participant of this program ever.As a matter of fact it`s about time some authorities force this woman to stop using her children as labor.She should instead concentrate on their educational and behavioral problems.


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