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Survivor: Nicaragua – Family Visits

December 15, 2010 06:59 PM by Lisa Princ


Survivor: Nicaragua is back tonight on CBS and as the tribe closes in on the finale, this week they will get visits from their families. If you think the emotional family visits bring out the best in everyone, you couldn’t be more wrong! Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s episode!

Survivor: Nicaragua kicks off tonight with Fabio and Chase talking about how much they trust one another, yet Sash is shown saying that Fabio will be the next one to go if given the chance. Then the tribe gets some videos from family members which makes everyone emotional. When they meet up with Jeff Probst, he informs them that they will be participating in a challenge in which the winner will get a cruise along the coast with their family member and tons of food, champagne, beer and everything they could dream of!

Before the challenge however, Jeff surprises them with their family members, who are there to help them win the challenge. Sash, Fabio and Chase are all joined by their mothers, while Jane gets visited by her daughter, Dan by his son and Holly by her husband just in time for their wedding anniversary! For the actual challenge, the tribe members must grab bags out of a pool and bring them back to their family members, who will remove letter blocks from the bag and try to put together a puzzle that says “Family comes first”. Chase’s mom Connie was the first one to complete the puzzle, which gave them the win and the cruise. However, Jeff Probst then asked Chase to choose another member to come along on the cruise with him and he chose Sash and his mom claiming Sash had not been on a reward in some time.


But it didn’t end there as Chase when then told to choose one more person with their family member to go along with them and Chase chose Holli and her husband, which upset Fabio immensely. Fabio admitted to Chase that he was hurt since he only sees his mom a few times a year and went on to tell Chase he would have taken him along. Fabio, Jane and Dan then must say goodbye to their family members and Jane is not happy to be left out of what she thought was her alliance. On the cruise, Sash, Chase and Holly vowed that it would be Fabio who would need to go next and then they all assured their family members that they would be the final three standing – all while enjoying the delicious buffet of food and drinks provided to them.

Next on Survivor: Nicaragua just as Chase returned from the cruise he was bombarded by Fabio about why he didn’t take him. Fabio was now determined to win immunity as he felt he would be the next one voted out – maybe he isn’t as dumb as they all think he is. For their immunity challenge, the players had to crawl and climb blindfolded to a table with a shield which had symbols on it. Using nothing more than their hands to feel the shield, they had to memorize the order of the symbols and then recreate it on a blank shield with a bag of symbols they were given. It came down to Fabio and Chase putting their symbols quickly together while blindfolded. Fabio got it wrong the first time, but the second time he got it right and beat Chase winning immunity which is just what he wanted.


Then the drama carried on as Chase, Sash and Holly decide that maybe they should vote Jane out and Jane is not the least bit happy when she finds this information out. In fact, at tribal council Jane blows up and tells everyone how they had a four way alliance and that is why Benry was voted off and then she continues to go off to Jeff Probst about what liars and cheats she thinks that everyone is. This outed the three way alliance with Sash, Chase and Holly in which they admitted it and the fact that Fabio or Dan would be voted off next by them. After the votes are placed, both Sash and Chase decide to play their immunity idols, but it doesn’t matter as the first four votes went to Jane, despite her pleas to Dan and Fabio to vote for Holly along with her. Jane then angrily had her torch put out leaving five players remaining.

Be sure to tune in to the finale on Sunday, December 19 to see who takes it all!

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