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Hell’s Kitchen: Nona Sivley Exclusive Interview

December 16, 2010 02:00 PM by Lisa Princ


FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen came to a close last night as Chef Ramsay crowned Nona Sivley the season eight winner. Today, the down to earth mom took some time to chat with us about her experience on the show. Keep reading for all the details!

Season eight of Hell’s Kitchen may be over, but the excitement of winning, a big move and her dream job is still fresh on the mind of Nona Sivley. She sat down to talk to us today and I have to say she was one of the most down to earth people I have ever spoken to. Here is what Nona wanted to share with her fans:

RTVM: Congratulations on the win Nona. What was going through your mind as your started to turn the door handle and realized that yours was opening?

Nona Sivley: Oh my gosh when my door opened it didn’t even register to me, it was like time stood still. I can’t even begin to tell you my excitement.

RTVM: Did you think you had a chance against Russell? I mean, I think a lot of people thought he would win but personally I think his temper did him in.

Nona Sivley: Russell is definitely fierce. He is a good chef though and honestly I could not imagine going up against anyone but him.

RTVM: How many times did you want to strangle Boris last night?

Nona Sivley: [laughing] Oh yes Boris. It was like how many times can you get it wrong. And what part of 5 minutes did he not understand. That was a tough moment, but thankfully he pulled through after multiple tries.

RTVM: When do you start working at LA Market and is your family excited?

Nona Sivley: Sometime in January we will be moving and I will start working there. My husband is so excited about it – we spent quite some time walking around the whole LA live area.

RTVM: What the best part of the experience for you?

Nona Sivley: The best part for me was growing as a chef and a person. You don’t truly know what you are capable of until you are there with so much pressure on you. Everything you see there from home is exactly as it is, pressure included. It was such an amazing experience overall.

RTVM: Does that mean everyone is the way they appear on the show?

Nona Sivley: Yes, however they appeared on the show is exactly how they are in real life.

RTVM: What are your thoughts on Chef Ramsay?

Nona Sivley: He is amazing. He has his standards and it really was an awakening – he is just as intense as he comes off to the viewers. However, out of the kitchen is such a sweet man – he can be a man’s man but with the ladies he is gentleman as well.

RTVM: Do you keep in touch with any of the contestants from Hell’s Kitchen?

Nona Sivley: Yes I do. I chat with Gail and Melissa on a regular basis as well as Vinny and Boris once in a while. I talk to Russell on almost a daily basis, we have sort of a bond since we were finalists together.

RTVM: Where can your fans keep in touch with you?

Nona Sivley: You can find me on Facebook.com – Chef Nona Sivley and I am currently working on a website but it is not up yet.

Thank you so much to Nona for taking the time to talk to me today and good luck with your move to LA!

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One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen: Nona Sivley Exclusive Interview”

  1. Angela Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    I was so happy that Nona won. Of all the contestants she was the one I would enjoy working with the most. She always kept laughter in her eyes and her heart but was also a serious guardian over her work. Congratulations!!! So glad that guy didn’t win, what was his name? Animal, he-wolf? Oh well, who cares. So happy for you!!!!!


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