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Survivor: Nicaragua – Jane Bright Elimination Interview

December 16, 2010 04:00 PM by Lisa Princ


Last night on Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS we watched as the tribe got visited by family members and despite her pleas to the other members, Jane Bright became the next eliminated member just shy of making the finale. Come read what Jane had to say about her experience in a post elimination interview!

Survivor: Nicaragua fans watched as feisty Jane was the latest tribe member to have her torch put out. This fiery southern gal sat down to discuss her time and experience on the show today. Here is what Jane wanted to share with her fans – enjoy!

Question: What made you put the fire out last night?

Jane Bright: If it’s your last hurrah, it’s better to go out with bang than crying. I started that fire, Holly and chase knew I wanted to put it out – we were going to be the final three. When I couldn’t convince Dan or Fabio to go in my direction, I thought you know what I started it I am gonna put it out.

Question: Are you sorry you trusted Chase?

Jane Bright: Yes, I am real sorry I trusted him so much. Most of the southern boys on the show have been loyal, he was not loyal to anyone, he is a liar and a cheat.

Question: What are your thoughts on Chase not taking Fabio on reward?

Jane Bright: I knew he’d take Sash, he had discussed it with me. I told him I was not going to get mad at him for not taking me. Plus we had gotten like 30 crabs to eat the night before so I didn’t need the meal. I had no idea he promised Fabio – Chase was making promises behind my back apparently. I told him that if I won, I may have taken Dan because he hadn’t been on one, but I knew my chances of winning were not good. I thought Fabio would win.

Question: Why couldn’t you get Dan or Fabio on board with you?

Jane Bright: It started with Marty. Marty had told Dan if there was any way to make an all male alliance at the end to go with it. Chase had told Dan and Fabio that he would take them to the end so they would bet that one of those two would get immunity and choose them. I couldn’t get them to budge, I tried. I think it was a man thing, I don’t think they would have taken Holly either. you could have offered them a million bucks and I don’t think they would have changed their votes. At one point, Chase, Holly and Sash walked away and I told Fabio an Dan that “you two are next to go, that’s their game plan and you two are gonna sit back and let it happen.” I knew because I was part of that alliance and they never let on that they were gonna do that to me. I am very competitive and not going to throw something like Sash said he was going to do. I mean to go on Survivor and throw a challenge is an awful way to play.

Question: Why did you vote for Sash last night instead of Holly?

Jane Bright: Because of what he did on the beach that night. He brought me there and had a conversation with me and I didn’t like it and that is all I am going to say about that. That son of bitch was an asshole to me. If I felt that Dan and Fabio would have voted for Holly, I would have but I did not get that feeling from them.

Question: Are you still angry at Chase?

Jane Bright: Yes I am. I think he screwed up big time, but I shouldn’t have been so gullible. You see I never believed Sash – he was so full of it and I knew that the moment he told me he was Realtor from New York. Chase seriously hurt me, I was giving that boy eggs on the side – I mean come on, I made sure he had the biggest serving, I was trying to help the boy out. Most southern boys and men are true but this one turned out to be a liar, I don’t know if that is how his momma raised him or whether or not he is like that at home.


Question: Do you think the game of Survivor was part of the game with Chase?

Jane Bright: You don’t trust anyone, but when you’re out there for so many days you try to find at least someone you can relate to. A lot of southern boys and men are true to their word but he is just not.

Question: What are you thoughts about everyone thinking you were a big threat?

Jane Bright: I have said this repeatedly, do you not realize there are more LaFlor people sitting in the jury…they are not gonna give an old person money. Even if I had gone to final with Chase, somebody from LaFlor would have walked away with the million dollars.

Question: After making peace with Marty, do you regret going after him so much?

Jane Bright: No because he would have targeted me next. At that point in the game, we needed to be a strong team and Marty was just taking people and dumping them for his personal vendetta. And Jill was up his butt so I didn’t trust her either. I do not regret the comment about his kids either because he threw me under the bus.

Question: Was there ever any talk about flushing the idols that Chase and Sash had?

Jane Bright: Brenda knew NaOnka had an idol and Sash had an idol, they did not want to flush them out. When we merged the same issue came up and no one wanted to flush out the idols.

Question: Looking back, do you think there were any other moves you could have played to get you further?

Jane Bright: I tried to hook up with Fabio, but he never would commit to anything and he wanted to stick to the men, there were not enough women left. If NaOnka and Purple had stayed maybe I could have. It was like most of the girls were not thinking that far in advance.

Question: Watching it now, what surprises you the most?

Jane Bright:The talking behind peoples backs….when they walk right up to you and have a big ole smile and behind your back they are talking smack about you.

Question: Do you regret continuing on the immunity challenge showing the men you could beat them?

Jane Bright: No I don’t because I am competitive and was trying to beat Marty.

Question: If you are invited back, would you come back?

Jane Bright: Absolutely. It took me 10 years to get on the show, I had been applying on and off for all that time.

Be sure to tune in to the finale on Sunday, December 19 to see who takes it all!

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One Response to “Survivor: Nicaragua – Jane Bright Elimination Interview”

  1. Rebecca Arsenault Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    I think that it really sucks that they’ve turned against Jane. She played the game with integrity and didn’t backstab anyone. If your not lower than a snake, you can’t get anywhere in this game. You have to backstab and lie to win. She should get the 100 grand.


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