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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards on Camille Grammer’s Dinner Party and Allison Dubois

December 17, 2010 02:00 PM by Shayla Perry


The only thing we can say after last night’s dinner party disaster on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is, “WOW!!!” Luckily, Kyle Richards has had some time to cool down since actually experiencing the madness firsthand, and has offered her thoughts on Camille Grammer’s intentions, her regrets about bringing her friend, Faye Resnick,  into the mess, and of course, Allison Dubois (did she happen to mention that the show Medium is based on her life?).

From Kyle Richards‘ blog:

Never did I imagine the events that would take place on this episode. When Camille [Grammer] invited me to her house for a cocktail party I was skeptical. However, I have never been one to hold a grudge, and I thought this might be the perfect chance to put New York and Vegas behind us once and for all. I had plans with my friend Faye Resnick for a couple weeks, and was grateful to Camille for allowing me to bring her. I’m not sure why, but I had a feeling that I was going to be ambushed. I knew Camille had two friends coming, and my women’s intuition was telling me that something was up.

I met Faye [Resnick] through my sister, Kathy [Hilton]. I found her to be fun, always in a good mood, and the quintessential girl’s girl. She is the friend that you call at three in the morning when you need a shoulder to cry on. She’s an incredible mother, a talented and successful interior designer, and loves my children like her own. The guilt I have for dragging her into this mess is overwhelming.

I was nervous when we arrived, but had high hopes. Everything was lovely and Camille [Grammer] did a very nice job putting the dinner together. Almost as soon as we sat down, things started to go south. Allison Dubois had this look on her face like she was ready to go in for the kill. I instantly felt this overwhelming negative energy in the room. You could cut the tension with a knife!

When Alison made the comment at the table about Mauricio and I not having anything in common, I thought, “OK, well this lady clearly isn’t a good psychic. Not a big shock.” I’ve met plenty of quacks that claim to be able to see the future. I didn’t want to embarrass her by voicing doubt in her psychic abilities in front of everyone, especially since I had asked for the “reading.” My friends at the table were far more offended than I was.

Then when she said that I’m more of a guy’s girl and not a girl’s girl, I thought, “OK, I’m done. This woman has no clue what she is talking about.” I come from a family of ALL women and I have four daughters. I am a girl’s girl all the way, always have been.

That part of the evening didn’t bother me in the least. It’s what came after that I found so upsetting. It seemed so obvious that Camille had planned what she was going to say to Faye [Resnick]. Camille had never even met Faye before, and had decided to make her the first victim. I felt so bad for my friend who was sitting there in shock, but still trying to remain a lady. In watching the episode I was shocked to see Camille calling Faye “morally corrupt.” Faye did pose for Playboy, but it was THREE YEARS AFTER her friend passed away, which is a very painful memory I found appalling that Camille would bring up. Clearly, Camille was directing all the anger she has for me toward Faye.

I want to clarify why Kim and I took separate cars home. When we all finally got up to leave, I wanted to RUN out of there as fast as possible. The reason we were late to Camille’s was due to a road closure. I asked Kim to take the car back alone so Faye and I wouldn’t have to go two hours out of the way and in the opposite direction again. It made more sense for all of us to ride together since we all live within a few miles of each other and were going in the same direction.

Kim and I got into it that night because I felt she was adding fuel to the fire by fighting with Taylor. There was already so much going on, that’s the last thing we needed. It was starting to feel like an out-of-control barroom brawl.

When my husband and family watched this episode it was very upsetting. It seems obvious to me that the comments Camille made about my husband after we left, were premeditated. She was trying to go after what we cherish most. I’m not sure what they were referring to when they mentioned the “nannies.” I have never had a nanny with any of my children. My kids were especially saddened that someone would insinuate such negative things about their father. My husband

has been nothing but kind and gracious to both Camille and Kelsey.

Trying to insinuate that my husband “loves all women” in an inappropriate way was a low blow to say the least. My husband does love women. He has four daughters, a sister, a mother he is very close to, and loves to hang out with my friends and me. Never is he inappropriate in any way shape or form. I was blown away by the conversation between Camille, D.D, and Allison. The mean things they were saying were carefully orchestrated, cruel, and hurtful.

I do feel for Camille and the cards she’s been dealt this year; however, it does not excuse her behavior. We have all gone through tough times, and I usually find those times humble us and bring us closer to our friends. Maybe, if she had been more open she would have seen that she could have had a great support system in this group of women who I am proud to call my friends.

–Kyle Richards

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16 Responses to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards on Camille Grammer’s Dinner Party and Allison Dubois”

  1. D. Gurule Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    I felt like I really had to take the time to write this. While you have acted with class Camile has acted like someone who if not for low class would have no class at all. She is defensive about her husband because she knows if she had not married him she would have been a nobody and now that he’s dumbed her she will go back to being a nobodie. Watching her this season has been like watch a very insecure pre teen mean girl who has decided to go after what she thought would be the weak one but you fought back and I think this surprised her. She is the type of women that making someone else feel bad make her feel better. She keeps saying you are jealous of her when in fact the opposite is true. You are a stunning women and she is an unattractive squinty crossed eye women who was lucky enough to marry well but that will be the only accomplishment sh will be known for in life, “she married well and he dumped her”
    Hang in there and the next time tell her you will no longer lower youself to argue with her. DONE!!!

  2. Linda N. Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I have never commented on anything like this before, but last night I wanted to go through
    my TV. The phrase Camile was trying to say, was
    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice,shame
    on me!” Kyle, she has fooled you too many times. You have good friends with the other ladies, and those apologies,from Camile are just to draw you back into that web of hers. She is fast becoming the Housewife of all Housewives to hate. Danelle of New Jersey is even falling behind! Ya gotta love’em though!
    even falling behind! Ya gotta love’em though.

  3. Georgia Girl Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    Kyle, It was very obvious that you were trying to “Dump” Kim. My heart goes out your sister. You always seem to pick your friends over her and if you “Watched” the episode carefully and pay close attention. You will clearly see Kim did not start the argument with Taylor. As, in New York Taylor started it. Taylor did make the comment in the airport and it was Taylor who told Camille about the comments made. I believe you should really consider having your sisters back for a change and stop being so selfish. You make it out as if it’s all Kim. And, as far as your husband goes. Well, kids are great and you need to be there for them BUT above that your a wife too. He has to BEG you to take a trip just to have alone time??? Maybe you should reevaluate the way you are acting toward those “You Love so much”.
    Family is ALWAYS first…

  4. hanna Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    #1 comment-I totally agree …kyle is stunning and classy i would love to do a girls night with her ,i’m sure it would be fun.camile on the other hand is one of those one up people, always trying to one up everybody …she is so pathetic and cheap looking…

  5. lynn Says:
    December 17th, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    all I can say is Allison Dubois what a low life individual.The comment she mad about if any of those ladies children disappeared she wouldnt help!She is really evil and a louse! I used to like the show and am totally glad the character is not completely based on her real life! I am curious why she never made camille aware of Kelseys indiscretions ahead of time with her psychic abilities. All the things they were saying about Kyles marriage were actually the truth of the Grammars marriage. Karma is a bitch. I believe camille is insecure even though she tries to act just the opposite , but anyone who talks about themselves the way she does and cannot get along well with other strong , beautiful women must feel inferior. Not too mention she wouldnt even carry her own children ,because it may change her body . She is shallow. She says she” made” Kelsey and kept him sober etc. says she needs to shine on her own ,But uses his name through out the show every chance she gets. No wonder he found someone else she was always throwing herself at other men. Her man friend that always showed up. She eyed him all up and down always flirting even with his wife there. Wonder how she felt? Money and fame does strange things for some.(I would never rent my husband out for a t.v. show!)I do think Camille is attractive has a nice body, married into money(was fortunate) ,but the personality, and attitude is horrible.You can tell by her smirks ,she is conniving, manipulating and a liar.and yes she is the type to feel better about herself she must step on someone.Hmmmm I think things may change a lil since her giant bubble has been burst!! sadly though she’s getting sympathy because she was betrayed.awee poor camille!. I dont think so I’m sure she will end up with plenty of money maybe that will lure the young guy in . If not maybe the old guy in the hot tub that was drooling over her can get some now. I don’t care for her at all she could leave the show for all i care!

  6. patootie Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 12:49 am

    tell her to drone on her own beatch!!!!!Wow so stressful ….women not the best camp to hang with but can be so cathartic and rewarding but not the kind of drone and drain camille is to shine kyle avoid her like the social/moral leper she is. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!Hope RHBH dumps her like Kelsey did. Tuning her out. You need to also. Pshaw to any reconciliation with her . gross.

  7. Ally Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 5:16 am

    I saw her on Real Housewives, and she’s not a psychic – she’s a PSYCHO! She doesn’t have “visions” – she has alcohol induced hallucinations! She’s just a crazy, foul-mouthed drunk. What a phony bitch!

  8. Lynn Donnan Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    I found it quite ironic that Allison Debois was predicting the demise of your marriage while Camile, her supposed good friend, was right next to her and she was unable to warn her of what was about to happen to her life. A psychic? Let’s pretend that this Allison actually has a talent for predicting anything. I can tell you that this gift does not come from a good, divine source. Her comments about the death of you and your family only proved that her gift, if she has one, is from a pure evil source. I can not imagine anyone, except an insane person, making a comment like that. The good news is that good always wins over evil in the end. The show based on her has been cancelled and her craziness is exposed. Also, I wonder if Camile’s jealousy of you Kyle, is from possibly your husband seeing her in social circles and not giving her the attention she seems to seek in every social setting. Your husband seems to be a devoted, doting husband and father. I think all the viewers know who is the jealous one.

  9. jc Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 7:07 am

    Camille is manipulative, selfish at a paramount level, and has clearly a flawed way of interacting with people who aren’t getting paid to befriend her. Kyle has a wonderful marriage and I can’t imagine how Camille ever would. If per chance that “medium”??? really is her friend its because she is absolutely as wacked out as Camille is. And by the way, nice detecting that Kelsey was on his way out of Camille’s life even as this episode was taping…..lol. She reminds me of those guys running into walls in Men who stare at goats. She looks possessed. She clearly is just as good at sucking the air out of a room as Camille is. Camille is a pathetic sad excuse for a mother. I loved the comment she made previously asking one of the nannies if her child’s temp reading had gone down. Wouldn’t want to get any saliva from that thermometer on those carefully manicured hands, eh Camille?? This woman is destined to be very lonely when those kids finally wise up. Kyle personifies class, grace, and poise. She knows there is clearly a screw loose here, and there is no point reasoning with this loony. I would love to see Kelsey use Mauricio to broker a future deal as a true comment on his perception of these events. I think he was completely brilliant encouraging her to be on the show. No one could watch this and say that he wasn’t smart running for his life when an alternative came along. Camille will be well compensated for their time together and that’s what she deserves, just compensation, just like a hairdresser. She has been revelling in Kelsey’s success, and her free ride will endure because of the kids. You can’t tell me she wasn’t calculating how this could have been the scenario one day. I hope Kelsey really does have a great new lady in Kayte. She at least appears normal so far. Anyone should aspire to the marriage of Kyle and Mauricio, wealthy or not they are amazing together and the love shines off of them like a lighthouse beacon. 13 years Kelsey has spent with Camille. Now that’s a guy who wanted it to work. I think he couldn’t have imagined how selfish a person could be. Soo sad!

  10. Lidia Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 8:37 am

    I do like to watch the Beverly HIlls Housewives.I like you ,Lisa and especially Kim.When i came to the USA your sister Kim was 5 years old…i remember all the movies and tv shows that she was in.Please be good to her.Like you she has beautiful children.My son when he saw her girls and yours he said:”Wow they are so beautiful’.
    Please stay away from Camille…don’t listen to BRAVO to do any other scene with her.This lady e’PAZZA….meaning she’s nuts.The medium made me sick…on 12/16/2010.We waited 7 months for this?Andrew Cohen is making money on everyone expenses….do not listen to him ….do whats right for you on the show or else quit…Your husband reminds me of John Turturro the handsome italian actor.God bless you all….you are all a beautiful family.

  11. Kristen Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Oh my gosh, I thought this was such a revealing episode. I wanted to give Camille the benefit of the doubt in the beginning of the season but, she is really not proving herself to be a very nice person. She seems very conniving and mean. Allison was just absolutely revolting to me. I actually liked that show Medium but now I can never watch it again without thinking how awful the real person is. I was just so thrown aback by some of the horrible things she said once all the ladies had left. I mean are we not adults? With that said good for all the girls to leave as one group. Show Camille that you all wont stand for it.

    Also Im glad someone in the above comments brought up Nick, Camielle’s pool boy or whatever he is. I cant believe the way she treats and looks at him. I feel like she is going to eat him alive, how does his wife stand it. I find it so obnoxious and I get physically uncomfortable when they are on tv together.

    I dont believe for ONE SECOND that Kyle ever said that about Kelsey to Camille, I think she is a drama queen that wants pity from people and attention. Kyle be strong. Its the worst to be the target of others and to be treated so poorly, dont let her get to you, we all see her for who she is.

  12. rita Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    never saw this show before tonite…all I can say all these women drink too much and all look so fake…too much makeup and trash mouth…kyle ‘s husband looks like he is ready to leave the marriage, kyle give the guy a break, not another baby…

  13. Orlando Says:
    December 21st, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Kyle, I luv you, but you were the impetus behind that entire fiasco at Camille’s dinner party. Camille repeatedly told you it was not a good idea to have a reading in public. However, you insisted. Then you were the one who brought up the incident in New York, when Camille mentioned she didn’t get along well with other women. You said something to the effect of, “That’s probably what happened in New York.”

    I do believe Camille misinterpreted your comments about her vacation in Hawaii. However, it’s apparent you have a very aggressive personality, particularly toward you sister, and are obviously accustomed to getting your way. And, it’s causing unnecessary friction among the housewives.

  14. Floozy Says:
    December 21st, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Camille is the star of this show. Her timing is great. I think she has had acting lessons and learned a lot from her hubby. Kyle took the bait because she is an over the hill second rate ham and is trying to land a reality show for herself and her under employed husband. Look camera – how I can make faces, feign shock and over act. Oh ho hum. Too old.

  15. flaka Says:
    January 7th, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Camille is a jealous bitch. Kyle, keep being the great person you are.

  16. Phoebe Says:
    February 2nd, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Kyle … You are the epitome of the word ‘class’. I sincerely hope that your relationship with Kim can be mended. I have faith that it will. Regarding the verbal attacks that were made on your friend Faye Resnick … Well, all one can say about that is anyone who has been so openly reviled by the likes of, say, OJ Simpson … and then by Camille Grammer … cannot be a bad person after all! Believe me, the majority of RHofBH viewers can easily pick up on the underlying truth of these situations playing out in front of the television cameras! We’re NOT stupid. And finally, as for Allison DuBois … She is to pitied in the same way as her “friend” Camille is also to be pitied. They are now TOAST … and no amount of “editing” can be realistically blamed for allegedly distorting the TRUTH. I know that I experienced feelings of both deja vu and vindication as I watched the vile and classless behavior of Allison DuBois on the show. I personally met the woman about a year ago when she came to Houston for one of her tour events. In brief, what happened was that when I extended my hand out to her and said hello, she seemed barely able to look me in the eye. Then as she was signing my copy of her book, I noticed her beautiful wedding ring and commented on how pretty it was. Her response? “Thanks. My husband is delighted that I make a LOT of money!” It was so weird that I excused myself and immediately left her table to return to my seat in the audience. Then as soon as the readings got underway, the sound system in the large room started to give off a little bit of feedback. DuBois responded to this by having a little “tantrum” up on the stage area … and she insisted that the microphones be turned off. Thereafter, we who had paid a large amount of $$ to be there could hardly hear a word being said throughout the evening.

    Believe me … after the world witnessed her very negative attitude and behavior on this season’s RHofBH …. Allison DuBois is now DONE! KNOW THAT!!


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