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Survivor: Nicaragua – Live Reunion Show!

December 19, 2010 09:53 PM by Lisa Princ


Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS aired the season finale tonight and then crowned their winner here as the entire cast came together for a live reunion show in L.A. to rehash the biggest drama, comedy, and action this season. We also watched as Sprint awarded a $100,000 to their “player of the season” and we learned about the new twist that will be added next season. Keep reading for all the fun filled details!

Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS announced on the live reunion show that the sole survivor and winner of one million dollars is Jud Birza aka Fabio, who has also made history as the youngest winner in the history of the show! Fabio, who loves to be the funny man said that this money will definitely change his life – he even cut his hair for the event!

Next Jeff Probst went to Sash and Brenda to find out why he did not save her, and as it turns out Brenda was actually plotting against Sash but was ratted out. Chase hit the spotlight next with his love for country music. Jeff wanted to know if being on the show would hurt or help his chances, and Chase said it didn’t make any difference that the industry could care less if he was on Survivor or not. Chase then sang us all a country music tune of his own, which wasn’t half bad, maybe we will see him soon in Nashville! Holly was up next and showed up with an apology to Dan for ruining his shoes and she even bought him a pair of cowboy boots to make up for it, how sweet.

NFL great Jimmy Johnson was the next one questioned by Jeff Probst, who wanted to know why Jimmy called the show the toughest thing he had ever been through. Jimmy admitted that the show was tougher than football since he had to do without the basic necessities and at his age (67) he had a rough time with it, but he credited all the younger folks for doing well with it. Jimmy then went on to share how he credits the show for changing his life – during his second attempt at applying, the show’s doctor called him to tell him about some clogged arteries he had. Once he had them cleared up by his own doctor, he applied again and was accepted. His buddy Terry Bradshaw made an appearance as well and comically told the story of how everyone thought Jimmy was nuts for going on the show and wanting to be a part of the show for so long – turns out Survivor is Jimmy’s favorite thing next to football and he had been applying for 7 years or so to get on!


Then Jane dished about how hard she worked out prior and how she learned to build a fire beforehand, and when asked why she and Marty had such a rough time, she claimed she tried to form an alliance with him. Marty stated that he did not like her choice of alliances and it was all a game…..both of them declared that there was no love loss there and they would never be friends. Jane apparently had made plenty of friends, and more importantly plenty of fans as she proved to be the fan favorite tonight when she was awarded Sprint’s Player of the Season and a prize of $100,000 and Jeff informed us all that it was not even a close race, Jane won by a landslide. Congratulations to Jane, who said that is double what she makes in a year so I am sure that will come in handy.

Next up it was time for Survivor: Nicaragua’s season villain to take the stage and that was NaOnka. NaOnka had become one of the most hated contestants of the season and Jeff wanted to know if she was always as mean as she came off on the show. NaOnka, who came off very civil this time around claims that when you are competing for a million dollars, you don’t know how you will act or react to things and she admitted that she acted like a fool. She even told a story of how a parent at her school watched the show and did not want their child in her class, which she thought was unfair as reality television and real life should be separate. NaOnka’s mom chimed in as well and filled us all in that she was just as shocked as everyone else when she tuned in to see her daughter behaving so poorly. This led to Jeff filling us in a new rule – if you quit for any reason aside from medical, they reserve the right to keep you on the jury or not.


Finally when Jeff went to Shannon to give him a chance to redeem himself about the comments he made about Sash, Shannon did not seem to want any part of it and Jeff quickly got out of there. Instead Jimmy T told us how he tried too hard and played with his heart instead of his head and then Alina told us how much she loved the show and she would do it again in a heartbeat. Wendy Jo said a few words and cutely tried to deny that her husband was right in assuming she would be the first person voted off the show and then Jeff took us to an update from Boston Rob and Amber – whose romance during the all stars led to the couple’s most recent addition to their family, a second child.

As the reunion wrapped up, Jeff Probst also filled us in what we can expect next season on Survivor: Redemption Island. In a surprising new twist, the new season will not automatically send home contestants who are voted out. Instead, when a contestant is voted out they will head to redemption island which will contain all the same supplies as the regular players get. When another person is voted out, they will also go to redemption island to live with the first voted off person and then they will duel it out to see which one of them remains on the show and who goes home. This will continue as folks try to redeem themselves. Confused? I think I am, so I guess we will just have to tune in to the new season in February to see how this goes, but they assured us it would be well worth it!

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4 Responses to “Survivor: Nicaragua – Live Reunion Show!”

  1. juanita Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    you’ve got to be kidding; that stupid fabio won??? he just flubbered his way thru and he won?

  2. juanita Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 10:49 pm


  3. Bob Parker Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 6:44 am

    Please stop burning the campsites. I understand the symbolism, but it not environmentally friendly. When the threesome burned the tarp and dive mask, it made me cringe. Instead of burning everything please recycle and return the campground to its original condition before exiting. You can give the articles like the tarp and mask to people in the area who may need it badly. Secondly, when someone quits the game don’t let them participate beyond that point.

  4. Bob Parker Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Please be a little more environmentally friendly when you leave the campsite. Don’t burn everything, try to return it to original status. Give things like the mask and tarp to area residents. When someone quits don’t let them particiapte in anything else, they give up the right to have any say in the final vote. I was glad to see Jud (Fabio) win. He truly did out play, out wit and out last with honesty and integrity. As always, Jeff was great!


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