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Survivor: Nicaragua Season Finale – And The Winner Is……

December 19, 2010 08:30 PM by Lisa Princ


Survivor: Nicaragua is back tonight on CBS for the season finale! As the final five fight to stay alive, who will end up the sole survivor and winner of a million bucks? Keep reading to find out!

The Survivor: Nicaragua season finale kicked off tonight as Jeff Probst gave out the first immunity challenge. For this challenge the final five were put to the test on their knowledge of Nicaragua by correctly answering questions. For each correct answer, the contestants would get a bag of puzzle pieces, while the incorrect answers would get them a bag of black useless pieces and they would have to go back and get the other bag. Holly, Sash and Chase all seemed to be on a roll and neck in neck while Fabio and and Dan fell behind getting their pieces. Fabio, however made his time up and ended up neck in neck with Sash trying to correctly assemble his puzzle. Despite Sash’s best efforts, it was Fabio that wound up assembling his puzzle correctly before anyone and winning immunity at that night’s tribal council.

Before the tribal council, Fabio was trying to get the others to vote for Holly instead of Dan. Dan said he would vote for Holly, while Chase refused to. Fabio decided to work on Sash and convince him that Holly was a bigger threat than Dan, and while Sash did not come right out and say so, he did lead us to believe he would vote for Holly. At the tribal council, however the first two votes went to Dan, then one for chase and another for Dan, which meant that Dan would be the next eliminated player. After the fact, Dan admitted that he decided to change his vote from Holly to Chase just to show Chase how much he dislikes him.

Next up on Survivor: Nicaragua the final four must go through the ‘rite of passage’ where they must take down and burn the shields of all their fellow survivors who helped them get where they are. They took a few moments to reflect on the positive of each player before collecting their shields and moving on. Once they were finished, they met up with Jeff Probst for their final immunity challenge. The winner of this challenge would be guaranteed a spot in the final three. Fabio was determined to win this challenge as he knew it would be his only chance at making it to the final three, while the other three were determined to win to ensure their alliance all made it into the final three.


For the final immunity challenge, each player was given a sword in which they would have to balance with one hand, while using their other hand to place coins on the top. They would have to continue to stack coins on the pile in a five second time frame without spilling any of the coins off their sword. Hollly was the first one to lose her coins, followed by Chase who couldn’t get them to hang on either. So it all came down to Sash and Fabio, and once again Fabio walked away the winner as Sash lost his coins and Fabio did not. Fabio proved them all wrong making this his third immunity challenge win in a row, so now his biggest decision would be who to vote for at tribal council. When they all pleaded their cases to Fabio, Chase and Holly came clean and were honest. Sash flat out lied and told him that he would have taken him to the finals with him, which we all know is nonsense.

At the tribal council, Fabio was in his glory watching these three turn on each other. He let the jury know that both Sash and Chase lied to him. After Holly, Sash and Chase pleaded their cases, it was time to vote and when the votes were tallied, it was two for Holly, one for Sash and the final for Holly making Holly the final eliminated contestant. Fabio decided to vote for Holly in the end, which was probably a smart move as he thought it would help increase his chances of winning. The next morning the final three enjoyed a nice breakfast and tried to figure out how they could each possibly win the votes of the jury.


When it was the jury’s turn for questions, it was quite comical as a few of the members went off on Sash for being a liar and a cheat. Jane and Dan were extremely hard on him and no one really wanted to hear his answers to anything so if anyone voted for him it would be a shocker. It seemed like a few people had forgiven Chase, and Fabio didn’t seem to get many questions at all… so who would take it all? Check out the Survivor Nicaragua Live Reunion to find out if Sash, Chase or Fabio became the sole survivor!

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One Response to “Survivor: Nicaragua Season Finale – And The Winner Is……”

  1. Angela Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    At first I didn’t think anyone would vote for Fabio because it would be like having a million dollars in front of you and then setting it on fire. Then, considering Chase and Sash, there is no reward for their behavior, at least not this round and not this year.
    I did think that Jeff influenced the survivors at tribal one to many times. Is that how it is going to be know, Jeff controls who makes it to the end and who will be voted off from now on. I am not too in on that.
    The next survivor looks like it is going to be a good one, but Jeff I am watching you….


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