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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Lost And Found

December 21, 2010 09:30 PM by Lori Wilson


Week six of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection challenges the designers to create new looks out of items from a lost and found. However, this week’s fashion show is one big let down for the judges of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection and two designers are brought to task for not working with their teams.

Iman instructs the designers to create weekend getaway looks from articles in the lost and found at the Lackawanna Railroad terminal for a fashion show to be held the very next day. They must grab a bag to fill up with previously worn clothing and props. If a piece of fabric is already in their bag when they open it, they must switch teams. David and Jeffrey are the disappointed designers who must defect to an opposing fashion house. As the designers scramble to grab what they can out of the lost and found, Iman returns to tell them there is one more twist – they must create one extra group look for the fashion show.

Back in The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection workroom, Cesar decides House of Emerald will go with a Hamptons theme. Meanwhile, House of Nami takes inspiration from a weekend getaway to New York City.


Laura Brown takes Isaac’s place to advise the fashion houses this week. She learns David wants to go for a safari look and instructs him to really focus on polishing his designs. Cesar is told to be careful of orange because most women can’t pull that color off. Cesar dismisses this note because, as he tells the camera, not just blond, white women visit the Hamptons. Over on House of Nami, Laura is happy to see Eduardo doing something different and incorporating pants into his design, but she is wary of Dominique’s umbrella dress.

As The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection designers get to work on their collections, Cindy finds it difficult to talk to Cesar, who feels he is doing a lot of babysitting and teaching. Meanwhile, Calvin finishes early and starts to work on his fashion house’s extra look, but won’t listen to any of his fellow designers’ input. With his extra time, he also gets snarky about the other designers’ garments. Cesar also gets done on his individual piece early so he begins creating his team’s extra looks as well. Cindy grows nervous about Cesar’s bathing suits, but both he and David feel confident their collection fits their Hamptons theme.

When the designers are finished and head back to their lofts for the evening, David visits Dominique for some yoga and admits to the camera he has feelings for her.

After the fashion show, where designer Chris Benz, a.k.a. The Prince of Color, is a guest judge, Iman tells both House of Nami and House of Emerald their collections made her wince.  Isaac says this week’s winner will be about whose look was the least offensive. Iman adds they had to pick a winner but they didn’t want to. It pains Iman to say it, but House of Nami has the Ultimate Collection this week. The one look that saved them was Dominique’s dress made from an umbrella.


As the winner, Dominique can either use an extra $500 at the finale or receive immunity for the next challenge. Dominique chooses immunity so she can go crazy next week and take a big risk without worrying about it. Iman tells her she must also choose one designer who does not belong there. Dominique says Calvin because he’s difficult. He is also outted as solely being responsible for the group look, which sends him and Jeffrey into an argument.

House of Nami is excused while Calvin and House of Emerald face the judges. David is told his prints are cringe inducing and he used too many accessories. Cesar is praised for using a bed sheet and for his combination of prints on one garment, but his swimsuits, which were the group looks, are not approved of. Iman tells him to reel in his ambition and bravado. Cindy is told her model looked like she had a difficult time walking in her dress and that her accessories looked random. Calvin is brought to task for using a shiny material and showcasing an unfinished dress. Iman also points out that if Calvin is so good and fast that he can consistently create extra looks, than he would have won something by now. Calvin tells the judges if he is allowed to continue on with the competition, he wants to be on Cesar’s team and not the team who stabbed him in the back. However, House of Emerald doesn’t want him.

After the judges deliberate, it comes down to Cesar, who stretched himself to thin and whose bathing suits are called inexcusable, and David, who over-thought his design and didn’t stretch enough. David is ultimately deemed out of fashion and forced to leave the Bravo reality show. In his parting words to the camera, David calls Dominique a beautiful soul and says he is still there with her in the house and will be there when she gets out.

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