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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The After Parties

December 23, 2010 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry


After last week’s dinner party disaster, Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back. There are two big social events on the Housewives’ calendars in tonight’s episode–Lisa’s fashion show fundraiser and Taylor’s Roaring ’20s costume party–which of course means double the drama. What did you miss?

The episode begins with Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards, each recounting the events of Camille Grammer’s dinner party to the husbands (and Kim talking to her daughter).

Kyle let’s her husband, Mauricio, know what Allison DuBois had to say about their marriage, and about her squabble with Kim.

None of the women are really ready to see each other after the dinner, but with Lisa VanderPump’s upcoming fundraiser for the Children’s Burn Foundation at Villa Blanca, and Taylor Armstrong’s Roaring ’20s party coming up, it looks like they’ll have to just grin and bear it.

At the fundraiser, the ladies wonder if Camille will show up, and agree that the fighting needs to stop, even if it’s only for the event. The charity reminds them that there are bigger problems in the world, and that they should really just get over all of the bickering–as Adrienne would say.

Kyle Richards decides not to sit with the other Housewives because she purchased a table for herself and her other friends (including Faye Resnick). She admits to them that she feels awkward about the whole Camille situation, but that she wants to be civil and learn how to make her point without blowing up all the time.

Then, Kyle Richards gets a surprising text from Camille, letting her know that she and Kelsey will no longer be working with Mauricio.

Kyle is devastated because she can’t figure out how to fix the problem, and now, it’s going to affect her husband.

Camille, who decided not to go to the event, is out with her friend, Nick, who’s taking her for a motorcycle ride.

Camille says that she has no interest in making amends with Kyle, and that it would be a waste of her time.

Taylor Armstrong is preparing for her ’20s themed costume party and looking for the perfect outfit, and starting to get worried that Camille and Kim won’t show up at the party like they said they would.

Kyle and Mauricio (who is looking as hot as ever), are out for lunch, and Kyle breaks the news to him about her text from Camille. Mauricio is stunned and doesn’t understand how Camille could make such a childish decision, but still isn’t happy with the situation that he’s been put in.

Taylor Armstrong reaches out to Camille Grammer and gives her a call to let her know that she really wants her to come to her party. Camille says that she’s reluctant, but that she’ll think about it.

Taylor then meets for a manicure with Kim,  and gives her a last-minute invite to the party. Kim asks if it was last-minute because she was trying to decide whether or not to invite her, and Taylor says yes.

Adrienne and Camille go out for lunch and talk about Taylor’s upcoming party (which Camille has decided to go to) and “the dinner,” though Adrienne doesn’t want to dwell on it. Camille, on the other hand, goes on and on about Kyle acting like a child, and is shocked when Adrienne infers that she too is being childish when she says that they both need to be put in time-out.

Lisa VanderPump meets with Kyle at her house (with Giggy), and Kyle lets Lisa in on the text from Camille. Lisa is surprised that Camille would take things so far, and they both hope that she doesn’t bother to show up to Taylor’s party.

It’s almost party time, so everyone’s busy getting glammed up, except for Kim Richards, who’s helping her daughter, Whitney, pack to go to Houston for the summer. Whitney says that she’d be fine with Kim going to Taylor’s party, but Kim wants to stay home and be with her on her last night home–especially since she doesn’t think she’ll be coming back.

Time for the party…

Lisa and Cedric surprise everyone with their costumes, and the evening starts off well, despite the fact that Camille warns Taylor that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do when Kyle gets there.


Once Kyle and Mauricio arrive, Mauricio makes it a point to walk over to Camille and start up a conversation with her.

Kyle, taking a page out of Mauricio’s book, goes to Camille and introduces her to her “lady sitter”/assistant. Then, the Kyle and Camille talk about how upset they both are that thinks always go wrong between the two of them, end up hugging (WTH?!) and decide to “give things another shot”–though Camille attributes it to her being able to always take the high road.


How long will this last?

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The After Parties”

  1. linda Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    talyor i would say watch the episodes on high def tv and try to watch yourself. girl those lips come on do they have to be so big u look like a freak.. Everybody in the t.v biz r really all looking the same like FREAKS.. also ur husband will be the next to ask for a divorce he just has u as arm candy. please so down on the plastic filler in ur face it doesnt look good.. sorry the truth sometimes needs to hurt..

  2. marsha Says:
    December 31st, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Wow. This show is really getting crazy. I love all the women, but my favorite is Adrianne. You are the most gracious, unwilling to be petty, not overbearing housewife on the show. I really like how you don’t let the money rule you. Not saying the other women do, but you really show another side to being wealthy. Thank you for just being classy.


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