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Dancing with the Stars: Brandy Norwood on Her Christmas Dilemma

December 24, 2010 03:00 PM by Shayla Perry


Singer Brandy Norwood, who appeared on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, had a bit of a problem this Christmas. Her 8-year-old daughter, Sy’rai, stopped believing in Santa, and started thinking BIG when it came to her Christmas wish list. What did she ask for this year, and is Brandy planning on giving in to her demands?

“I got her list, and it is ridiculous. When she believed in Santa, she had a smaller list, but now that she knows I’m Santa Claus, she went crazy. Now, she wants a Blackberry and an iPhone 4. It’s like, ‘Little girls, you are 8, and you’re asking for a Blackberry?’” Brandy told PopEater.com.

But the singer and reality star said that those weren’t the only things on her daughter’s list. She also asked for a few other things that were not only more reasonable, but pretty sweet.

“It was so cute. She also asked for a hug and a kiss,” said Norwood. “Then clothes and shoes. She’ll get that and a few Barbies and American Girl dolls. But no way is she getting a Blackberry.”

As for Brandy and Sy’rai’s plans for this Christmas, they’ll be spending it in Mississippi with the rest of the Norwood family.

“I love Mississippi. There is something about the energy there that feels like home, so I want to go back with my family, hang out, eat and go fishing.

“My mom never cooks, but for Christmas and Thanksgiving she does. We always look forward to her cooking,” the singer shared. “For Christmas, there is a bunch of food and Christmas music. We’ll open gifts and just hang out at the house all day. It’s nothing spectacular, but it is filled with a lot of love.”

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One Response to “Dancing with the Stars: Brandy Norwood on Her Christmas Dilemma”

  1. concerned Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 8:25 am

    Brandy I know you love your family but you are not a group act, you are a solo talent. Tell your family to love you enough to let you concentrate on letting your light shine the brightest, which is what was meant to be. You might not want to here this but your family is using you and your light to boost their own sub-par talent. Call them on it or your not saying anything now will eat you from the inside out when you get old. Read what Tina Turner said in Essence or Ebony magazine a few years ago. Your brother is annoying and has delusions of granduer,get him off your coattails,please.


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