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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Stefan’s Vision For Week Six

December 24, 2010 12:00 PM by Lori Wilson


The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection‘s Lost and Found challenge this past week left a lot to be desired by the judges. Even fashion show producer Stefan was disappointed in the quality of work that went down his beautifully constructed runways. However, he had fun bringing the themes and the two fashion houses’ visions to life. Keep on reading to find out more about what went into Stefan’s weekend getaway themed catwalks.

“After my consult with Nami,” the Bravo reality TV star explained on his blog, “I turned the tables a bit. I came up with a fictional “WHY BE BORED AT THE RAINY BEACH WHEN YOU CAN PARTY IN THE SIZZLING CITY?!” story of a poor little rich girl who was trapped in the Hamptons on a rainy chilling weekend and planned her escape, via Islip airport and landing at JFK, on her private jet for a weekend of city fun with her friends.”

Envisioning this girl’s entire journey, Stefan further detailed, “The runway was a combination of an airport tarmac and city street (the catwalk was actually the dingy brown carpet I rejected from the Housewives episode painted black with yellow divide lines), and the lighting was designed to mimic search lights meets nightclub lights. My favorite piece was the black wood and plexiglass tunnel meets xray machine, which could have been amazing if we actually built it the whole length of the catwalk.”

For House of Emerald, who went with the Hamptons theme, “This was to be all about Americana and a fantasy ideal with crisp, easy breezy over tones.”

He continued, “The mood I wanted to create here was an adventurous lady of leisure, who travels the world (a nod to David’s Safari look) but resides in South Hampton (a nod to Cesar’s three creations). The set would be a view of the ocean behind giant windows and a foyer with white blowing chiffon curtains (it’s my fantasy to have a three side house on the beach of Costa Rica with draping white curtains), that leads to the a private beach from her private boardwalk. All the props, including the bike and luggage, which the team member received from Lost and Found, were painted stalk white along with the lifeguard chair that could fit a family of four (All the white paint I wanted ruined my new Paul Smith black summer suit. A true fashion tragedy!).”

While Stefan was inspired by the themes of the Lost and Found Challenge, he was left disappointed by the designers creations. “I loved the contrast of the two shows and how each house interpretation of resort and getaway dressing for NY was so different. I only wish they would have had as much fun and sense of adventure with building the clothes as I did building the runway presentations with 24 hours notice.”

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