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Survivor: Nicaragua — Dan Lembo’s Nasty Comments

December 25, 2010 10:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


Although Dan Lembo wasn’t the best player on Survivor: Nicaragua, he brought out memorable, nasty comments just in time for the final Tribal Council.  Getting up to that point, Dan’s journey was an interesting one.  It started out with fourth-place finisher Holly Hoffman stealing his expensive shoes and setting them adrift in the ocean.  Then Dan struggled with the competition and wanted to quit the game.  And as for the challenges?  If you watched the show, you know why Dan won’t be remembered for his ability in challenges.  In fact, he may go down as one of the weakest competitors in challenges we’ve ever seen.  Anyway, shortly after the live Survivor reunion show in Hollywood, Dan spent a couple minutes with me on the red carpet discussing the game, including that infamous shoe incident and the reasons why he didn’t like Sash or Chase.

Read on to watch video of the interview on the red carpet.

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RealityTVMagazine: When we watched the final Tribal Council, we saw you were extremely bitter.  Talk a little bit about that night.

Dan Lembo: I guess it was because the wound was still open.  It was only like two nights ago that I got voted off the show.  I guess I was a little bitter.  I never liked Sash.  I never liked Sash.  Chase I never liked.  Fabio I liked.  He came in, won the last three challenges and he deserved to win.  I like Fabio, he’s a good kid.


RTVMag:  So you liked Fabio from the get-go?

Dan Lembo: Yeah, from the get-go I was a fan of Fabio.  Chase was always wishy-washy.  He was with me.  He wasn’t with me.  I saw him throw off Brenda.  You couldn’t trust him.


RTVMag: Let’s touch on the twist this season of young versus old.  It played out three young guys finished the game at the top.  Do you think young versus old really played that big of a role this season?

Dan Lembo: No I just think it worked out that way.  I think I had a good shot.  If Fabio hadn’t won the three last challenges, I might have been at the finals.  Because if you watch the show they kept saying, “Fabio is gonna go if he loses.”  He kept himself alive by winning the final three challenges.  He deserved to win.


RTVMag: Let’s talk a little bit about the shoes.  That was a big deal early on this season when Holly took your shoes and sunk them in the water.  You never saw those again?

Dan Lembo: No I never saw those again.


RTVMag: You were pretty upset about that.

Dan Lembo: How would you feel?  It’s got nothing to do with the fact that they were shoes even though Jeff made a comment that in this game taking somebody’s shoes is pretty important.  The fact was, it was my property.  She had no right touching it.  She lost her mind there for a little bit.  She’s a good lady.  She gave me a pair of ostrich boots tonight, so it’s all forgiven.


RTVMag: Would you play the game again?

Dan Lembo: Yes I would play again.

RTVMag: Tomorrow?

Dan Lembo: Maybe not tomorrow.  Maybe in a week or so.


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