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Hell’s Kitchen: Chef Gordon Ramsay Reported to Have Almost $1 Million in Tax Liens

December 31, 2010 09:00 AM by Shayla Perry


TV’s Chef Gordon Ramsay of FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen is in some hot water with the IRS. According to court documents uncovered by RadarOnline.com, Chef Ramsay has two outstanding tax warrants against him in New York State totaling almost $1 million. Keep reading for more details.

Yet more trouble for Chef Gordon Ramsay of TV’s Hell’s Kitchen. After a very rough year already, RadarOnline.com now reports that Ramsay has two tax liens against him in New York State that together total close to a million dollars!

The first warrant was filed against Ramsay in July for $513,003. Another was filed just last month for $419,051, for a grand total of $932,054.

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants have been suffering financially for the past two years as many people have stopped eating out due to the recession. Ramsay sold his flagship restaurant in New York, The Gordon Ramsay at The London, but still works as a consultant for the business.

In addition to his financial problems, Chef Ramsay has also been dealing with a lot of family issues, like the firing of his father-in-law in a nasty family feud, and  trouble in his marriage, with alleged mistress Sarah Symonds having written an open letter to Gordon’s wife, Tana, telling her to “stand up” for herself.

In the letter, Symonds writes:

“I write to you here today with all good intentions, because after reading–along with the rest of the world–all that is being said about you by Gordon, and by your father, I really feel for you.

“I mean, it cannot be easy for a woman like you to be perceived by both of them as SO weak, and so easy to manipulate.”

Gordon has denied his affair with Symonds since the news broke in 2008, and still remains with his wife, Tana.

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One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen: Chef Gordon Ramsay Reported to Have Almost $1 Million in Tax Liens”

  1. Casonia Logenberry Says:
    April 20th, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Tax is not fun and it is hard to do but when the I.R.S Wants something, You simply have to give them there money, The longer you make them wait, The more money they make you pay and if you can just give them 20% of it instead of paying a lawyer, Soon you will have this people off your back and to cut back on Booze, Yes it is nice to have but eatting at your places is great. I am sure but I myself have never ate at any of your places before? It is all about word of mouth and when I see kitchen nightmare and I see your creative part come out and you put everything you know on the table then that becomes you truth, You are a great cook and outstanding and wonderful and maybe you should really listen and work with the I.R.S. and cut back on life in other directions.


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