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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Grommesh Family!

January 02, 2011 07:05 PM by Candace Young


Tonight, a child, Garret Grommesh, is struggling in an inaccessible home, and it’s Ty Pennington and ABC‘s Extreme Makeover Home Edition to the rescue of the Minnesota family.  Read on to find out all the details of this special home makeover – and find out why the crowd was chanting, “Move that house,” instead of, “Move that bus”…

Ty and the design team surprise the Grommesh family while they are taking a team hockey photo on their local hockey rink. Ty emerges on the ice driving the Zamboni!

Garret Grommesh has spina bifida, and has had twenty four surgeries at age 10.  His sister, Peyton, is age 12 and a real advocate for her younger brother.  The family designed a health and recreation program, HOPE Inc.,  that they run for others. The family home, however, is a constant source of frustration for Garret in his wheelchair, but they cannot afford to improve it. Garret thinks the house is still a great dwelling, and he wants to gift it to his friend and classmate, Arlinda Hajdari, and her family;  six people living in a two bedroom apartment.  Extreme Makeover Home Edition will move the house as well as build the Grommesh family a new one.

Ty goes inside to check out the Grommesh family residence. He is shown the markings and dents from Garret’s wheelchair on the walls. Ty also sees a small corner desk where Adair and Bill Grommesh run the non-profit program from – he’s amazed.   The design team spends time getting to know the kids and what they like.

Ty tells Garret they will gift the house to the Hajdari family, but he has to keep the secret. The Grommesh family then learn they will be vacationing in the Bahamas while the old home is jacked up and moved, and their new home is built.

The Grommesh family is contacted in Bahamas and get to watch their house be put on a huge trailer and driven up the road to it’s new location. Everyone chants, “Move that house!”  The family cracks up as pizza is delivered to Ty enroute, and the police pull the house over for having a porchlight out.


On Day three, the energy efficient walls are being installed for the fully accessible basement of the Grommesh’s new home. Meanwhile, the design team meet with the Hajdari family, who tell their story of immigrating from Kosovo, and talk about Garrett while still having no idea that they will get a new house later in the week.

Paul has gone to Quantico to get ideas for Garrett’s spy-themed bedroom, Ty is working on the master bedroom, and Paige is working on a fun room for Garrett’s sister.

Over at the old house, now in it’s new location, Eduardo explains that tons of work is being done to make it over before the Hajdari family gets it.

The design team visits with other kids and families connected to HOPE Inc., and contact the Grommesh family to tell them that today, they’re going to set a world record! Eduardo has made a grid and hundreds of people in wheelchairs assemble on a field to spell out HOPE.  A Guinness Book of World Records official is there to confirm the record!


Finally, both houses are completed. The Grommesh family and the Hajdari family are both on the bus. They come out onto the street, the bus is moved, and the stunned Hajdari family learn they are looking at their new home! Concordia College also awards scholarships to the children in both families.

Next, it’s time for the Grommesh family to see their new home. At their former property, the bus is once again moved, and the family reacts with tears and shrieks at the sight of the beautiful, modern, and accessible new house.


Inside, the family marvels over the spacious and fully-accessible rooms, including the elevator donated by CVS Pharmacy.  Garrett’s sister, Chris, checks out her new bedroom first – she loves it! Garrett sees his spy bedroom – which includes an accessible washroom. Garrett is thrilled when Paul invites him to put his finger on the finger scanner and a secret door opens! CVS Pharmacy has paid for the spy room full of gadgets from the FBI!

Adair and Bill see their new master bedroom, which exudes a sense of peace and relaxation. Ty then gets the group together to go see the new basement, which has a huge play/arts & crafts area and a complete office!  The Grommesh family reads letters of thanks from the people they have helped.  Last up – the indoor swimming pool complete with chair lift for Garrett!

The Grommesh family thanks ABC, the design team, and builders. They say the changes will help them reach more families to help. Ty welcomes them home.

Check out a sneak peek of an upcoming Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode!

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Photo Courtesy: ABC, Grand Forks Herald, Heritage Homes, Concordia College

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