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The Bachelor: Season Premiere!

January 03, 2011 07:59 PM by Candace Young


Three years ago, Brad Womack tried to find love on ABC’s The Bachelor, but ended up letting both of the two finalists, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas, go home, making it one of the most controversial seasons ever. Brad Womack claims he was a broken man after it all went down and wound up in therapy.  Tonight, Brad Womack returns to The Bachelor as a more open person who is once again looking for love. Read on for the highlights of his new journey, including the unexpected reunion with Jenni and DeAnna…

Brad Womack knows he’s ready to find love on The Bachelor after three years of soul-searching and therapy, but is concerned that the bachelorettes won’t believe it.  The very beautiful and diverse group of women prepare to meet The Bachelor, having no idea it’s Brad.

Host Chris Harrison invites the nervous Brad into the mansion to chat. Brad tells him that three years ago he wasn’t even capable of falling in love – he had too many walls up.  Brad describes how he discovered he had commitment and trust issues stemming from his father not being around when he was young.  Chris says he seems to be a changed man. He asks what Brad would say to Jenni and DeAnna, and then tells him they are there tonight.



Jenni and DeAnna come out. Brad stands up and comments that he feels like even more of an idiot. He hugs them both and tells them they look beautiful.  They all sit down and joke about Brad being back there again. Things then turn more serious as he offers a profound apology to the women.  Each of the women express how they felt that final day.  When Chris asks if they believe Brad is a changed man, they express a certain amount of skepticism, and warn that the new bachelorettes will be on guard with him.  Jenni wishes him luck and hopes the girls give him a break. DeAnna isn’t sure Brad is up to it, but hopes he finds what she and Jenni have found after moving on.

Limo #1

Chris takes Brad out in front of the mansion to meet the girls. Chris laughingly tells him not to screw this up. The first limo pulls up and Chantal comes out – she says she has something from every woman in America and slaps his face! He takes it with grace. Kimberly is next out, and warns she is going to have some concerns. Alli is more than willing to give him a second chance. Ashley S. from North Carolina gives him a big ol’ kiss. Meghan steps out next in giant hot pink platform shoes – they share a laugh. Marissa impresses Brad by asking if he’s okay with being with someone whose entire life revolves around sports.


The next Ashley out of the limo hopes the second time is the charm. Raichel the manscaper steps out and says he’s the perfect man for her.  Madison the vampire, er, model is next. He enjoys her mysterious demeanor. Melissa, a waitress, jumps into Brad’s arms!  Christy from Florida admits she doesn’t know much about him – he thinks that’s great. The next girl wants him to pinkie swear he won’t break her heart, but he turns it around on her. A blonde who gets out next has him get down on one knee and propose!

After meeting the first 15 women, Chris checks in with Brad who is holding up well despite the remarks about his previous season.

Limo #2

The first two women out of the second limo are very aware of Brad’s notorious past.  He assures them he is there for the right reason. Lisa is the third girl out and asks for advice since he’s been there before. Brad tells her to be herself. Shawntel compliments his eyes and he tells her it felt good. The next bachelorette, Britnee, beckons him to the limo to open the door for her, explaining that she likes a chivalrous man. Stacey from Boston is embarrassed that she doesn’t know who he is – he laughingly replies, “Thank God!”  Jill emerges from the limo and announces she’s ready to get married. Brad says he is too.  Another Lisa is next, this one wearing ruby red slippers in hopes of getting a trip home to meet his family. The next woman plants a kiss on Brad immediately.

J is the next out of the limo and she tells Brad it’s her birthday. Keltie a Rockette and self-professed hugger bounds out to meet Brad. Sarah walks up to Brad and admits she can’t snap her fingers. Brad promises to teach her.  Emily follows and mesmerizes Brad with her beauty. She tells him she is so glad he’s The Bachelor. Brit is next and they hug. Michele is also pleased to see Brad standing before her. He tells her she looks stunning.

Chris checks back in with Brad, who says he feels very undeserving, but insists that his wife is in there.

First Impression Rose.

As the girls chat inside, saying things like if Brad doesn’t get a wife this time, he’ll have to go live in a cave, Chris gives Brad the first impression rose to give out.  Brad faces the room full of women and assures them he has changed and is there for the right reason. He says if any of them want to leave, he understands.  They all stay.

Most of the girls respect Brad’s candor, but many still have questions considering they are giving up a lot to be there. He speaks one-on-one with several of the ladies and describes what he has been through in the past three years.  Brad tells the camera that whether it’s tough for him or not, he’s ready to talk about it all night.


After some very tough questions, such as whether he’s ready to go through the wringer again if he doesn’t fall in love this time, Brad gets somewhat overwhelmed and has some doubt about being there.

Things take a turn for the funny when Raichel the manscaper demonstrates waxing on Brad’s wrist. He tells the camera that he won’t be getting his ‘undercarriage’ done anytime soon.  The majority of the women who speak to Brad seem willing to believe that he’s changed. The women who haven’t yet spoken to him alone are getting antsy.  A bit of a ‘steal Brad’ war erupts. Renee is particularly aggravated because each time she sits with him, he is taken away.

Emily, whose fiancee Ricky died and left her a single mom six years ago, sits down with Brad, who seems very taken with her. He then gets alone time with Madison and asks about her fangs. Brad has a sense that she thinks this is a game, but she assures him she’s serious.  Michele, who is weirded out by Madsion’s fangs, joins him next and stresses the fact that she’s a woman who respects his honesty.  She also tells him she’s a single mom. His reaction is ‘amazing’ in her words.

Ultimately, Brad give the first impression rose to someone who is really sweet – Ashley S. He tells her that when she offered to listen and be his friend while she was there, it encompassed what he wants in a wife.

The Rose Ceremony

Brad has 19 roses to hand out, Ashley S. is safe, so ten ladies will be leaving. Chris introduces Brad. He sincerely thanks each and every one of them for hearing him out and not leaving.

Brad offers roses to Michele, Kimberly, Madison, Emily, Raichel, Keltie, Ashley H., Meghan, Lisa M., Lindsay, Alli, Sarah P., Marissa, Britt, Stacey, Shawntel M., Jackie, Melissa, and Chantel O. – the girl who slapped him!

Brad says goodbye to those leaving, and tells the others that he believes his wife is in this room, but it’s going to be a long road to get there, so they should have some fun!

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