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Host Chris Harrison Blogs About The Bachelor Season Premiere

January 04, 2011 02:30 PM by Candace Young


Last night, ABC‘s The Bachelor debuted its 21st season premiere featuring second-time bachelor, Brad Womack.  On the show, host Chris Harrison appeared to believe that Brad was a changed man who was there for the right reasons. Read on to see what Chris wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog about the season premiere…

Interestingly, Chris Harrison begins his blog by admitting that the reaction to bringing Brad Womack back for a do-over on The Bachelor, which left some viewers skeptical and even angry, is one he actually likes.  He explains, “We’ve never gone into a season where our Bachelor or Bachelorette wasn’t your overwhelming favorite. It’s going to be very interesting to begin this season with someone who, from the start, needs to prove himself to not only the women on the show but also to you, our fans.”

Chris goes on to say that when he met Brad to begin taping it was clear to both of them that the pressure was on, observing, “When Brad and I met up that first night, despite his trademark smile and Texas charm I could tell this guy was feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders.”

So, what does Chris think about Brad’s return? He blogged, “Say what you will about Brad — you have to give the man credit for stepping up and owning what he did. He hasn’t just said, “I’m sorry” and moved on with life in Austin. He has stepped up to prove publicly in front of the entire world that he is a changed man. He is essentially putting all his chips on the table for one roll of the dice. If he comes off as anything less than sincere or committed to this, he knows he’ll be run out of town. That’s why my final words of advice to him that first night were “don’t screw this up.” ”

Of the DeAnna/Jenni/Brad reunion, Chris said, “I thought this was a great idea for several reasons. First of all, I wanted to see if Brad was truly a changed man and would own up to what he did and explain why. Brad couldn’t just say it wasn’t ‘right’; these two women wouldn’t let him off that easy. I was impressed to see him admit that upon reflection — and yes, some therapy — that he wasn’t really the man he was pretending to be back then.”

According to Chris, a few of the bachelorettes made an impression on Brad right out of the gate. He comments, “Brad actually liked Chantal and her slap. Ashley S. and her cute southern drawl set him at ease. Emily also made a solid first impression. Right now Brad doesn’t know her tragic story, but she is someone you’ll get to know a lot more about. The woman who really stood out to Brad, and I think you could tell by his reaction, was Michele. She is also someone you will get to know and she’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the house this season.”

Chris notes that Brad wasn’t the only controversial person in the mansion that night. Of Madison, the bachelorette with fangs, he notes, “I loved how Brad just flat out called her out on the fangs. Is Madison a model that wants to be noticed? Probably so, but that’s something Brad has to figure out. Although he has a good idea that’s the case, there is something about her that intrigues him (not the teeth) so he wanted to keep her around at least one more week to see if there’s more to this woman than just her overbite.”

How about the rest of the season of The Bachelor? Chris had this to say, “This season is fantastic and very different than any we’ve ever had. Brad obviously brings a very different element, but so does this group of women. I always say what makes this show so interesting is the people and the baggage and history they bring with them. This season we have stories we’ve never seen or heard before and that makes Brad’s journey very intriguing. I have said in the press there are no major “scandals” this season, but that definitely doesn’t mean this season is without its fair share of drama!”

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