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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Civil And Uncivil Unions

January 04, 2011 09:35 PM by Lori Wilson


Week seven of The Fashion House Ultimate Collection begins with Dominique sad over David’s absence and Calvin’s surprise at the “mean spirit” coming from the rest of his competitors. Despite emotions running high, the designers must adapt to the couple of twists they are thrown, as well as face guest judges Rachel Zoe (The Rachel Zoe Project) and Johnny Weir (Skating With the Stars).

The Fashion House Ultimate Collection‘s remaining six designers meet Iman at Angel Orensanz Studio, a wedding and fashion show space. Iman tells them they are required to create wedding looks, but instead of competing as houses, they will be competing as couples. Calvin rolls his eyes at this news because he doesn’t trust anyone left. The designing teams consist of: Dominique & Jeffrey, Calvin & Cindy, and Eduardo & Cesar. The designers then learn their challenge is to design wedding looks for same sex couples, which freaks Cindy out.

The designers meet with their clients and everyone gets along except for Calvin and his groom. He flatly refuses to use his couple’s idea of crafting a traditional Korean dress for one of the men. Cindy is in shock over Calvin’s rudeness, but Calvin’s never seen a Korean gown in his life, so he decides to make it up as he goes along.


Back at The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection studio room, the designers plan their mood boards in preparation for Isaac’s critique. Isaac likes the environment Dominique and Jeffrey have created on their board, but thinks Dominique’s idea is a bit plain. He likes Jeffrey’s ideas, but encourages both of them to take their designs somewhere unexpected. Cesar and Eduardo explain to their mentor that the women they are designing for don’t want anything traditional, but Isaac urges them to guide the brides because the designers know best. Isaac also tells Cesar to really focus on his design and not go off designing someone else’s dress. When it’s Cesar and Cindy’s turn, Isaac seems to like their concept, but suggests they really go for it. Cindy remains concerned about working with Cesar, as well as designing menswear, which she has never done.

After the designers work on their wedding looks, the brides and grooms enter the room to see what they will be wearing. The two couples of women approve of what’s been crafted for them and Cindy’s groom is excited about his ensemble, but Calvin’s groom doesn’t see anything that reflects the Korean culture. When he is critiqued, Calvin yells at his client, prompting him and his fiancé to tell the camera Calvin has no taste or class.

Backstage at the fashion show, Cindy finds that her groom’s jacket doesn’t fit because she took it in too much in order to make him look thinner. Cindy worries she will look bad and starts to cut the back of the jacket. Calvin helps her open all the seams and sew it again much to Cindy’s surprise. As the fashion show commences, Dominique & Jeffrey and Cesar & Eduardo are pleased with their designs and the way their couples present them. Cindy, on the other hand, knows this was not her best job, but thinks her groom looks cute. Cesar of course thinks he did a wonderful job even though it’s not what his client asked for.


When the designers face the judges, Isaac is interested in talking to the couples because it will affect their decisions. Dominique and Jeffrey are praised by Rachel Zoe and Johnny Weir, but Isaac thinks their outfits are lacking something. However, the brides express how happy they are with their garments. Calvin explains how he wouldn’t do what his client wanted and is told he needs to be careful how he talks to people. His groom tells the judges he couldn’t believe he got stuck with “this clown” and thinks he looks like he should be serving sushi in his getup. Cindy is told her outfit is full of imperfections, but her groom is happy with it. Cesar is told his pants should have been a different pattern and his bride’s bowtie is too big, despite it being what she wanted. Eduardo receives mostly compliments, but Isaac thinks his dress looks more bridal party than bridal.

After they deliberate, the judges decide the top two looks belong to Eduardo and Dominique. Dominique already has immunity from winning last week, but she is deemed the winner anyway. If she makes it to the finale she will receive an extra $500 for her collection. Calvin is told he acted like a Bridezilla and Cindy is told her look was unflattering and poorly designed so they are the bottom two. In the end, Cindy is deemed out of fashion, but Iman privately tells her she should stay her course because she has what it takes.

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