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Live To Dance: The Top 18 Are Chosen

January 05, 2011 07:12 PM by Allyson Wells


Previously, on Live to Dance, the series premiered with tryouts in Los Angeles and New York.  After seeing many talented teams, the judges must pick their favorites to go through to the semi-finals.  Because they cannot agree, they are forced to ask some dancers to return to a dance-off.  Which teams made the semi-finals, and which were given a second chance to showcase their talent?

After the initial tryouts, judges Paula Abdul, Kimberly Stewart and Travis Payne have a difficult time narrowing down the field to eighteen teams.  They feel like some dancers are more polished than others, while others look like something out of cheesy music videos.  They all agree they are looking for something different and cool.  Paula notes that good is not good enough.  They look through pictures and watch videos of the dancers.  Travis wants to make sure that they pick dancers that America will like, too.  There are some dancers that they are on the fence about and decide they will have a dance-off for them and let America decide.

The three judges and host depart to deliver the good and bad news to the dancers who did and did not make the final 18.  Paula tells young couple Amanda and D’Angelo they have made it through.  Host Andrew tells the elderly pushup couple they have made it.  Kimberly tells young Jalen, the first to try out, that he has made it through as well.  Kimberly goes to tell the Chicago break dancing siblings that they have made it.  The chosen teams rejoice when they get their good news. 

Travis travels to tell a team that they will have to be in a dance-off for the final spot.  It is revealed to be the group of young men called Theatrix.  The team is happy to have another chance to audition in Los Angeles.  Travis stuns them with the news that they only have 24 hours to prepare a dance and travel.  Kimberly tells ballet dancing couple, White Tree Fine Art, that they must dance in a dance-off as well.  Kimberly hopes they come through because they are one of her favorite teams.  Andrew travels to tell large youth group, Inside the Box, that they are also in the dance-off.  Paula travels to tell 11-year-old Kendall Glover that she is in the dance-off.  She interrupts a school assembly to deliver the news to a very excited Kendall in front of her entire school. 


The teams convene for the dance-off at the dome in Los Angeles.  Paula tells Andrew that she is excited to see what the four teams bring to the stage.  Inside the Box takes the stage first.  Paula thinks they had originality, but wants to see if they have more than one good routine.  Inside the Box members admit they were overwhelmed to have to put together another routine so quickly, but dance means a lot to them so they pulled it together.  They deliver a fun routine that is tough for a large group to pull off.  Kendall is up next.  Paula thinks it is amazing how commanding the eleven-year-old girl is as a dancer.  Kendall boasts that this is the biggest and best thing she has ever done.  A giggling Kendall is shown rehearsing and getting her costume prepared.  She delivers a confident performance and afterwards tells Andrew she “lives to dance.”  White Tree Fine Art is next.  Kimberly points out that ballet is so tough and they make it look so easy.  The duo say that they fell in love through a dance company and they like to showcase their love through their art.  Their performance is elegant and infused with modern moves that showcase long and polished lines.  Afterwards, they tell the crowd how lucky they are to be in love and dance at the same time.  Last up is Theatrix.  Travis explains he gave them a red star initially because they were good, not great.  The group wants to prove themselves to Travis and give 200%.  Their new performance is to the song Footloose and is fun, fresh and upbeat. 

After the dance-off, the judges discuss who they liked the best.  Paula thanks all of the dancers for coming back and rising to the occasion to deliver good entertainment.  She tells Inside the Box that they are a good group.  Kimberly hopes that America will embrace White Tree Fine Art.  Paula tells Kendall she magically floated across the stage.  Travis thanks Theatrix for showing them a new side to their brotherhood, but points out that because they wore white shoes, it was easier to see when they were out of sync.  Paula announces that the experts have chosen Kendall to go through to the semi-finals.  A giddy Kendall jumps across the stage.  Paula explains they chose Kendall because she exudes everything that the show is about and time stood still while she performed.  Andrew reveals that the other three acts still have a chance.  He explains that America will vote and choose one more act to go through to the semi-finals.  The final choice rests with America!

Next week on Live to Dance, the semi-finals begin.  Is there a favorite team you are rooting for already?  There is a lot of diversity in age and style within the chosen acts, so the semi-finals should be very exciting.  Tune in next Wednesday to see brand new routines from the chosen teams.


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