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The Biggest Loser: Ana Alvarado Does Not Regret Sacrificing Her Stay On The Ranch To Save Her Daughter’s

January 06, 2011 10:00 AM by Lisa Princ


Season eleven of The Biggest Loser kicked off Tuesday evening on NBC and with it we watched as Ana Alvarado was the first eliminated contestant of the season. In a post elimination interview, Ana says she does not regret sacrificing herself so that her daughter could remain on the ranch. Keep reading to hear what Ana had to say!

Ana Alvarado pleaded to her fellow contestants prior to the elimination on The Biggest Loser to keep her daughter on the ranch and send her home. Luckily for Ana, the other players respected her wishes and she says she has no regrets. In a post elimination interview, Ana said “I’m so glad that they voted for her to stay, because I knew that she would be able to last longer, and I kind of needed to take this journey in a different place and at a different pace. Because even though I loved being at the ranch and I felt like a week wasn’t long enough to learn, but it is what it is and you just have to go with it, I wanted Irene to stay because I knew she would be stronger. I also knew that if I wasn’t there, she would totally be able to focus on her challenge and what she needed to do. …I want her to succeed and do the best she can without having to worry about me. And so, I’m so glad that it all turned out the way it did.”

So what else did Ana have to say about her short time on the ranch? She loved every minute of it and called it a dream come true. Ana also admitted that she bonded very quickly with some of the contestants, particularly Jesse and Arthur, but they were all a great group as she adds “There was no game-playing, everybody was helping one another, everybody was motivating one another, and it didn’t even feel like we were competing against each other. We were just all trying to stay there and get healthy.” We are glad Ana enjoyed her stay, but as we all know the game play is sure to come in the upcoming weeks as it always does. Ana is now continuing her healthy lifestyle at home and has lost 50 lbs to date and hopes to be closer to 100 lbs lost by the finale.

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST on NBC for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser and be sure to check out their new healthy meals!  See you after the show!

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