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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: “How to Behave”

January 06, 2011 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry


This week, in an all new episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer’s relationship with her “tennis partner” Nick comes in to question, and Taylor Armstrong’s marital problems take center stage at Kyle Richards’ annual White Party. What else did you miss?

After last week’s shocking truce between Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards, things are once again calm between the ladies of the 90210–for now.

Lisa VanderPump’s husband, Ken, is getting fed up with the couple’s “permanent houseguest,” Cedric, after he’s left him without gas in his car–again, but Lisa is hesitant to give Cedric the boot.

Though Lisa insists that Ken loves Cedric, it’s clear that his being at the house for over a year now is causing problems in their marriage.

After making up with Kyle Richards in last week’s episode, Camille Grammer, still feeling the love, invites both Kyle, Adrienne Maloof, and their husbands over for a friendly tennis match at her house, though Camille still hasn’t let Kyle know where she and husband Kelsey Grammer stand business-wise with Mauricio.

Kyle gives her sister, Kim Richards, a call and let’s her know about her invite from Camille. Kim warns Kyle that she should be careful, but Kyle insists that things will be okay, especially since Mauricio will be there.

It’s Lisa VanderPump’s daughter, Pandora’s, 24th birthday, so to celebrate, Lisa and the ladies (and Giggy) gather at one of her restaurants for dinner.

Pandora’s boyfriend of 4 years, Jason, stands up and “proclaims his love” for her, but doesn’t propose–again.

During dinner, Kyle Richards asks Cedric about his “troubled past,” and Cedric obliges. Cedric tells Kyle that he was born in Paris to a prostitute who was abused, and after living on the streets with his mother for a year, he was abandoned, forced to survive on cat food and whatever else he could find until he was picked up by Social Services.

Listening to Cedric’s story again, Lisa’s reminded why she took him in in the first place, and grows more hesitant about making him leave.

At Taylor Armstrong’s residence, Snowball is still a part of the family, despite Kennedy’s allergies, but Russell and Taylor are slowly drifting apart, with work always getting in between them.

Kyle, Mauricio, and their kids arrive at Camille Grammer’s house for tennis, shortly followed by Adrienne and Paul, and some more of Camille’s friends–including Nick.

The ladies find it strange when Camille greets Nick with a big kiss on the lips–but the two insist that they’re just friends.

During lunch, Adrienne reveals that one of her sons broke Paul’s nose AGAIN! Poor Paul!!

When mentioning Kelsey and his play, once again, Kyle brings up New York (why?!) and she and Camille AGAIN talk about the fact that they have a different way of communicating–to put it lightly.

Later, everyone gets in the pool (thank you Bravo for the shirtless Mauricio shot), except for Adrienne and Kyle, who didn’t bring bathing suits–or clothes to play tennis. Being a good sport, Kyle jumps into the pool, fully clothed, though Camille says that she wanted to push her in. Paul takes it upon himself to then push Adrienne in, too!


On the day of her annual White Party, Kyle Richards is busy getting everything together, trying to make sure everything is extra special since it’s also Mauricio’s 40th birthday.

The guests begin to arrive and Taylor Armstrong is super excited to let loose and have a good time with her husband, Russell. Lisa VanderPump tells Kim Richards that Martin, her former blind date, is coming, which leaves Kim nervous.

Taylor wants to dance, but Russell doesn’t seem to be up for partying.

When Camille Grammer arrives, Lisa congratulates her on Kelsey’s Tony nomination, and Camille admits that she and Kelsey haven’t been communicating as much as she’d like, and that he often tells her that he’s too tired to talk (awkward!).

Camille then tells Lisa that she’s brought a little gift for Kyle, hoping that she can take a joke. What did she bring? A book– “How to Behave and Why,” which Lisa feels that Camille should probably read first.

As the evening goes on, Taylor watches Mauricio and Kyle with envy, wishing that she and Russell could share the same kind of relationship, but Russell is off doing his own thing–by himself.

Finally, Russell asks Taylor if they can leave, but she’s not ready to go, and this time, she decides to stay and have fun.


Taylor confides in Kyle Richards again and tells her that she feels guilty that she wants to have a good time without Russell. Though Kyle let’s Taylor know that she shouldn’t feel guilty, and she deserves to have fun too, Taylor decides to go home as the party rages on.

Will things get better for Taylor and Russell?

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