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Top Chef: Tom Colicchio on The Disastrous Dim Sum Challenge and Why Casey Went Home Instead of Jamie

January 06, 2011 12:30 PM by Shayla Perry

Another week of competition for the contestants of Bravo’s Top Chef: All-Stars, and yet another week that Season 5′s Jamie Lauren has eluded elimination. But according to Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio, the dishes Jamie prepared during the Elimination Challenge, though poor, weren’t nearly as bad as Casey’s, which is ultimately what led to Casey being asked to pack her knives and go. Find out what else Tom had to say about the horrendous Dim Sum challenge and more…

For the chefs in this week’s Elimination Challenge on Top Chef: All-Stars on Bravo, it seemed that things couldn’t possibly have gone worse when they weren’t able to feed the crowd of over 200 diners during the crazy lunchtime rush at one of Chinatown’s most popular Dim Sum restaurants.

For the Top Chef judges, the chefs’ failure was nothing short of embarrassing!

“At one point, in fact, we all said, ‘We can’t do this. We can’t eat. Please give these dishes to other tables and we’ll eat after they’ve all been served,’” revealed Tom Colicchio.

As for what was being served, there were some dishes that the judges enjoyed, including Fabio’s “maracle” short-ribs, but there were many more that just didn’t cut the spicy mustard, including Casey’s version of chicken and waffles made with fried chicken feet, which ended up being her last dish on the All-Star competition. For judge Tom Colicchio, the choice was clear…

“Jamie’s dishes, and those of the other contestants on the bottom this week, while poor, were edible,” Tom Colicchio noted in his blog. “However, even the Chinese patrons, who not only eat chicken feet regularly but who truly relish them, could not eat Casey’s.”

Colicchio goes on to suggest that perhaps if Casey had prepared the dish herself, instead of passing it on to Antonia while staffing the front of the restaurant, she would have been better off, but adds, “It’s rare that a dish cannot even be eaten; when it happens, the chef responsible for it clearly must be the one sent home.”

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