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Worst Cooks In America: Season Two Premiere

January 08, 2011 08:41 PM by Lisa Princ


Did you miss the season two premiere of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network last week? Well, you’re in luck as we have the rundown of what Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine put the 16 culinary disasters through in their first week at boot camp. Keep reading for more details!

Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America season two premiered last Sunday and it was comical to say the least. First, the hopefuls were asked to cook a dish in an hour to impress the chefs and based on that, they would choose members for each other’s team. During the skill drill, we learned a little about some of the contestants, such as Kelsey, who gave her husband food poisoning more than once and then she smoked everyone out of the kitchen during the skill drill with her cajun spices!

Some of the recruits seem to have more trouble than others during their skill drill, like Priscilla, who claims in 27 years of marriage, she has not cooked 27 meals. Priscilla could not get her salmon to flip over and she wound up burning it completely on one side. Then there were more confident recruits such as Joshie who thought he had it altogether until the end when he attempted to flip his meal out of the pan and half of it ended up on the stove top. We even met Erika whose best attempt at meal was a bologna and cheese Quesadilla, complete with spray cheese and crackers. She claimed she used to be a model but her awful cooking took it’s toll on her figure.


Tasting did not go well at all with Anne and Robert, one by one they were spitting food out and downing wine and drinks to get the nasty taste out of their mouths. After tasting all the dishes, it was time for Chef Anne and Chef Robert to choose their team members for each other and this is how the teams ended up:

Anne’s red team
Anthony Scinto
Carlos Manuel
Erika Ramsey
Jennifer MacLean
Joshie Berger
Kelsey Milos
Priscilla Harden
Lina Yu

Robert’s blue team
Anna Altomari
Eric Ricupero
Georgann Coleman
Jeff Longcor
Kat Rose
Kelly Gray
Matt Crespi
Tyrone Miller

It definitely seemed like Anne got the actual Worst Cooks In America out of the bunch despite her best attempts to send the really bad ones to Robert. Next up for the recruits would be their main dish challenge in which they would first have to butcher a chicken before creating their chicken dish based on one of the chef’s recipes. Some of the recruits had more trouble than others, and some who thought they would not be able to butcher a chicken, such as Kelly, did a perfect job on it. We also saw fire in the kitchen during the main dish challenge as Erika set her green beans on fire which ended up setting Carlos’ pan on fire as well…yikes!


When it came to judging the dishes, most failed to impress Anne and Robert, but a few stood out. Winning the challenge for the red team was surprisingly, Kelsey who had the most flavorful chicken and sauce on Anne’s side. On the blue side it was Kat, who thought she completely messed up her dish that cooked her chicken perfectly for Robert. That also meant that it was time to eliminate two recruits as well. On the red side, it came down to Lina and Erika, but ultimately it was Lina, whose poorly butchered chicken and horrible presentation led Anne to let her go home. On Robert’s side it was between Matt and Eric, but in the end Eric’s super dry chicken was his downfall as he was sent packing.

Be sure to tune in to Worst Cooks In America on Food Network at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode!

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Photos courtesy of: Food Network

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