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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The Lampe Family

January 09, 2011 06:58 PM by Candace Young


Ty Pennington begins tonight’s episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC by saying this week is about being tough – and trees. Jeff Lampe has had to cut back drastically on working in his tree business due to an untreated hernia, which has created a decline in income. This means no money to repair the rotting in the house. In spite of their situation, the family still teaches teens wrestling at home in Kentucky. Read on for details of the home makeover…

Ty and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition design team set up cameras to ambush the Lampe family on a trip to the movie theater. They sit down to watch a film, and UFC fighter Randy Couture appears on the screen, followed by Ty who shouts his trademark greeting on the bullhorn! Jeff Lampe is emotional and tells Ty how relieved he is – it’s awesome. The builders from Elite Home tell Jeff it is an honor to work on their new home.

The family takes the design team on a tour of their Louisville Kentucky home and property, including the dilapidated garage that has been converted to a wrestling training facility.

The design team members get to know the children, who range in age from 4 to 17, including youngest daughter, Angela, who suffers from Down Syndrome and needs a safer space of her own.  Jeff talks about feeling like he’s let down his family, but can’t ever quit. Ty announces that the family is going to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Jobs are delegated and plans are made to move the foundation of the new house further up the hill to avoid flooding.  Ty contacts the Lampe family in Florida so that they can watch the destruction of the old home – it’s a lumberjack demo! Jeff Lampe wishes he was there!


Construction of the new house gets underway. Ty assigns Paige and Ed to build a treehouse as well! Paige says they’ll go extreme. They find a master treehouse builder to weigh in on their concepts. At the main build, everyone works on ideas for bringing the outdoors inside for the nature-loving Lampe family.

Ty explains that they also want to help out the Lampe family business – he works on a fabulous new sign.  Paul visits the school connected to Jeff’s wrestling. They contact the family, who get to hear the boys thank them. He tells Jeff to look to his left – his inspiration, wrestler Dan Gable, appears! Jeff and the kids get to run through some moves with Dan.

Back at the site, Olympic gold medal winner, and professional wrestler, Kurt Angle, is introduced.  He will help out with the design of the new training facility at the Lampe family build.

Before long, Ty has the keys and the furniture is being moved in. The Lampe family arrives on the scene in their limo. The crowd chants, “Move that bus.”  When they see their new home, the Lampe family is in disbelief at the sight of the beautiful log cabin-style structure. Jeff and his family thank Elite Builders, and are told that money was raised to pay off their mortgage!

Inside, the Lampe family is overwhelmed by the huge space. Ty comes in and Shelley hugs him. They all admire the family tree in the living room. Upstairs, the kids check out their new rooms.  Angela’s room is perfect for a little girl with Down’s Syndrome and looks like a kitchen! Shelley and Jeff look at their new master bedroom – the nature theme impresses them. Ty comes to show them their new office for the business, complete with new logo. They learn that CVS Pharmacy has set up a fund to help pay off Jeff’s medical debt and will pay for surgery on his hernia.

Next it’s time for the Lampes to check out their backyard – with the extreme treehouse! Everyone loves the ropes, bridges, and furniture.

Last, the family goes to see their new, state-of-the-art wrestling facility. They love it. The wrestlers they teach are brought in, and everyone gets busy. Jeff Lampe talks about giving back.

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