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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: It’s Time to Hit the Road!

January 09, 2011 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back, and in an all new episode of the Bravo reality show, Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss are on the road for Kandi’s promo tour. PLUS Cynthia Bailey’s wedding is just around the corner, but with tensions mounting between she and Peter, will the two end up saying, “I do”?

They’re baaack! On tonight’s all new episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, after the spa date blowup, Phaedra Parks is busy preparing for a “Sip & See” party, to introduce everyone (Hotlanta Housewives included) to see baby Ayden.

Phaedra fills her husband, Apollo, in on what happened at the spa with Kim Zolciak, letting him know that she brought up Apollo’s run in with the law.

Without giving details, Apollo simply says that he’s not a car thief, but looks forward to meeting Kim and letting her make an informed decision about him for herself.

Cynthia Bailey and her fiance, Peter, are at home enjoying a nice dinner at home after Peter’s meeting with a group of investors in town to possibly purchase his club, Uptown, which is in financial trouble.

Peter’s wary about the investors, but he’s not ready to give up on his business. Cynthia, on the other hand, would rather Peter sell the business and move on to something else. Peter doesn’t want her getting involved in his decisions, but with Cynthia having invested a lot of her own money in the restaurant, she feels she’s entitled to her own say in what happens with Uptown.

At Phaedra Parks’ Sip & See, which is slightly less formal than her baby shower, Kim Zolciak surprisingly shows up, as Phaedra says, “looking like Jessica Rabbit gone bad.” Phaedra takes Kim to see baby Ayden and then suggests that the two of them step outside for a moment to talk (and so Kim can have a cigarette).


Kim tells Phaedra that she had trouble trying to figure out why she would say that her baby was premature, when she was in fact full-term, and that she did know a little something about pregnancy. To prove herself, Kim shows Phaedra her actual nursing degree (bam!).

Phaedra tells Kim that she had her doubts, since all she really knew of Kim was what she heard from others, which included everything from club dancing, to dating married men, and stripping. For some reason, Kim is surprised by this (does she read the Internet?).

Phaedra then opens up about her relationship with Apollo, and how they too have been the subject of many rumors, especially when it comes to Apollo and his time in prison. Phaedra says that he was sentenced to prison after they met, but that she decided to give him the second chance everyone’s entitled to, and that she believes he was always innocent, but had a bad lawyer.

Putting her nursing degree to good use, Kim Zolciak shows her assistant Sweetie how to administer a vitamin B12 shot for her so she can keep her energy up on tour. Although it’s not her first time away from her girls, it’s a first for Sweetie to be going with her for so long, and Brielle is upset that Sweetie won’t be staying with her and her sister. Kim somehow confuses Brielle’s tears as being for her, and begins to cry herself, telling Brielle that she’s her best friend.


On day 1 of the tour, Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak are in Charlotte to kick things off. Don Juan, Kandi’s tour manager, lays out the ladies’ grueling schedule, and Kim is not happy–especially when she finds out that she can’t smoke on the tour bus.

When the bus pulls up, Kandi rushes to pick out her bunk, but Kim is not amused.

Missing from the Sip & See was Nene Leakes, who was busy getting ready for her Keeping It Real With NeNe segments on 11 Alive and her interview with Jermaine Dupri.

For the interview, NeNe brings her younger son along to see momma in action. Except, there’s not much action… Jermaine isn’t really engaged in the interview and NeNe obviously hasn’t prepared much. Her first breakthrough–dissing Kim Zolciak’s age and her hit “Tardy for the Party,” which gets a laugh and breaks the tension, leading to a pretty successful interview.

Upon Kim’s request, the tour bus makes a stop at a bar–The Thirsty Beaver. The bartender tells the ladies that it’s a tradition for women visiting for the first time to hang their bras on a set of antlers mounted on the wall. While Kim looks as though she’s contemplating doing it, Don Juan tells her that she’s got an image to protect as an aspiring popstar, but then brings up “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing” calling it risque, since she’s essentially talking about being with a married man. Kim tries to defend herself, insisting that Poppa never cheated on her, forgetting that he was married–meaning that he cheated on his wife with her.

Cynthia Bailey invites her friend, actor and author Hill Harper to come over and counsel she and Peter before they walk down the aisle.

Hill gives them each a copy of his book (nice plug) and asks them each to circle the questions they want to tackle. Not surprisingly, they both choose questions about money.

Cynthia reveals that she holds some anger over the fact that she invested a lot of money into Uptown, but that Peter never acknowledges her part in the restaurant, and she sounds as though she wants her money back (has Cynthia been talking to NeNe’s husband?).

Things erupt when Peter suggests that he works harder than Cynthia, who has a team of people dedicated to finding work for her, while he has to “create” work for himself.

When asked to look each other in the eyes and say what they love about one another, Cynthia doesn’t have an answer, and instead asks Hill if they can have another session.

Kandi’s family, who have never missed a single performance of hers, comes to Charlotte, and when they tour the bus with Kim and Kandi, they find that Kim’s boyfriend, Kroy Biermann, has sent her flowers and champagne.

Kandi’s used to having a little quiet time before a performance, but Kim, on the other hand, is enjoying a drink and a cigarette, which worries Kandi, because this isn’t exactly the same kind of crowd Kim’s accustomed to, and she thinks she should be more focused on her performance.

When Kim takes the stage, she decides to not do her dance moves at all, but the crowd seems pumped anyway. Kim gets teary when introducing her “mentor,” Kandi, who does an a cappella rendition of her single “Haven’t Loved Right,” and the crowd goes wild for it!


Next stop…Orlando.

For other great The Real Housewives of Atlanta news, please feel free to check out SirLinksAlot: The Real Housewives of Atlanta and then come and discuss the show on our reality TV message boards. For more breaking news about celebrities and entertainment visit our sister site SheKnows.com!

For more breaking news about celebrities and entertainment visit our sister site SheKnows.com!

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: It’s Time to Hit the Road!”

  1. deanna tezeno Says:
    January 19th, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    when are they come back. I am waiting to see what happen to NeNe and Kim.

  2. Shayla Perry Says:
    January 20th, 2011 at 10:17 am

    This Sunday there will be another extended episode airing on Bravo with more drama between NeNe and Kim in Miami. The show starts at 10|9c.


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