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The Bachelor: Trip To The Carnival and Train Performs

January 10, 2011 07:59 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, The Bachelor episode kicks off with Chris Harrison explaining about the different types of dates.  He advises the women to make the most of any time they get with Brad Womack.  The first date card arrives. Read on to find out who gets the very first one-on-one date…

Ashley H gets the first one-on-one date with Brad Womack on this season of The Bachelor. He tells the camera he has an amazing night planned for Ashley as he goes to the mansion to pick her up.

They take off in a car and Brad turns onto a pitch dark road, which really freaks Ashley out. They get out of the car and he leads her up a path by lantern light. She likens the experience to a horror movie.  Suddenly, they stop and he asks her to flip a switch – an entire carnival comes to life!

They run through the carnival like kids. Brad is impressed with how Ashley lives in the moment, and makes him feel he can just be himself with her. They eat cotton candy, pose in the photo booth, ride the midway, and play games. Eventually, they kiss – and then they do it again. They agree it’s the best date either of them have been on in years. In talking, they discover that they both have absentee fathers who have shaped their lives. A deep conversation ensues, and Brad gives Ashley a rose.


Back at the mansion, the next date card arrives – it’s a big group date – 15 girls will go with Brad. Most of the women are put out at the prospect of getting time alone with him under those circumstances.

When it’s time to get ready for the group date, Michele is put out that it’s her thirtieth birthday and she must share Brad with 14 other girls. The women go to meet Brad on location where they will donate their time to the American Red Cross. They will make several public service announcements to encourage people to give blood.   The ladies go into make up and receive their costumes and scripts for the short skits they will perform.  Many are nervous. Michele is still talking about it being her birthday.

As the skits get underway, Brad appears as Gustavo a character with a porn star mustache and fake chest hair. As Melissa watches the girls in the scene kiss him repeatedly, she decides she can’t handle it and leaves her seat to cut in and kiss him herself! Everyone is taken aback. One of the other girls tells the camera that Melissa has been saying she will leave if something doesn’t develop soon with Brad. The skits continue with all kinds of different scenarios taking place. The women act judgmental throughout.


Michele opts out of the commercial and takes off on her own. The others are sick and tired of her going on about her birthday and think she’s causing a scene. Brad goes looking for her and says he didn’t realize there was drama going on already. She tells him she wants to get to know him. He agrees, but says he just wants to have a good night with all of them hanging out.  Brad tells the group they are going to an after-party in downtown L.A.

Back at the house, the remaining ladies dish about the girls on the group date. They seem particularly fixated on Michele and her attitude concerning it being her birthday.

Brad and the girls on the group date arrive at a rooftop location for their after-party. He asks that there be no drama. Melissa gets Brad alone and tries to explain why she jumped into the middle of the scene earlier. Michele gets some one-on-one time next. The birthday girl tells the camera that all these other women are trying to get up on her man. She informs Brad that he has walls up – he is stunned.  Meanwhile, arguing ensues between Raichel and Melissa as the latter talks up her alone time with Brad.

The last date card has turned up at the mansion. It’s a one-on-one date for Jackie, who is so excited!

Over on the rooftop, swimsuits have been donned, and Brad confidently gives Michele the rose for her thirtieth birthday. The others are disappointed and decide to be wary of aggressive Michele who is used to getting what she wants.


The next day, Brad arrives to pick up Jackie. They leave in a convertible for what Brad describes as Jackie’s very own ‘Pretty Woman’ experience. They head to a posh hotel where they have a couple’s spa treatment. After, he leads her to a room full of beautiful gowns and shoes for her to choose from. She is floored.

When Jackie’s ready, Brad comes in a tux to get her and exclaims over her elegance as he leads her to a car. They go to the Hollywood Bowl where the lit sign says ‘For Jackie, Love Brad’.  They share an intimate dinner and wine. The rose lays on the table as they talk.  Brad is concerned that this process is too risky for cautious Jackie. He admits his worries, but offers her the rose. She accepts.  Brad then says there is a final surprise – a private concert by Train! They slow dance and kiss.

When Brad arrives for the cocktail party with the bachelorettes, the ladies are dismayed by Michele who pulls him away immediately. She asks him questions about coffee and what’s in his fridge.  Emily, who doesn’t care where he gets his coffee, gets to speak to him next. She and Brad compliment each other’s looks.  Raichel and Melissa are back to arguing.  Raichel walks inside and tries to get sympathy. Melissa cries and also works to elicit sympathy.  Some of the girls are over the drama. Brad comes upon Melissa crying and sits her down.  The others rush to spy as she tells Brad that she has been targeted by Raichel in the house.  He goes to find Raichel who is also crying.  Brad doesn’t know what to think.

Chris Harrison appears and says it’s time to see which of the women are here for the right reasons. He brings in Ali and Roberto to help decide. Chris says with their help, Brad will also hand out a rose at the cocktail party.

Ali and Roberto meet with each of the women and invariably get drawn into the Raichel/Melissa drama. The ask Chantal (the slapper) to clarify the situation. Brad meets with them and gets to hear their recommendations. After, he asks Emily to come with him and offers her the rose. She accepts.

Rose Ceremony

Ashley H, Michele, Jackie, and Emily all have roses and are safe. Brad offers the remaining roses to Chantal O, Sarah, Alli, Kimberly, Shawntel N, Stacey, Ashley S, Madison, Lisa, Marissa, Meghan, Lyndsey, and Britt.

What a refreshing change of pace to see the drama-mamas being cut early. Raichel and Melissa both get the boot. So does Keltie who cries that she’s a terrible dater.

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