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The Bachelor: Chris Harrison Blogs Episode Two

January 11, 2011 12:00 PM by Candace Young


There was plenty of drama among the women this week on The Bachelor, and in his weekly blog, Chris Harrison comments on that, as well as Brad Womack’s one-on-one dates and his large group date. Keep reading for all of the highlights from Chris’s blog on episode two

This week, Chris Harrison began his Entertainment Weekly blog by mentioning National Blood Donor month, and how happy he is that The Bachelor has partnered with the American Red Cross to do the PSA’s we saw last night, as well as to host a series of blood drives, the first of which took place in Los Angeles last weekend.

Getting to Brad’s first one-on-one date with Ashley H at the private carnival, Chris worries that Ashley H may wind up suffering from what he refers to as ‘Great First Date Syndrome’.  He explains, “I’ve noticed in the past that having the first date is great, but when it goes well — which Ashley’s did — it then makes it hard to go back to the house and wait and watch all the other girls start to date your man. Ashley will begin to struggle with this like many have before her. “  He went on to say that the art department set up the makeshift carnival in only twelve hours on one of the hottest days of the year, adding that the ticket booth was the one used in the movie Grease!

The group date, of course, had 15 ladies on it -  a larger number than they’ve ever had before. This is where the drama began to amp up with some of the women, as Melissa cut into the other girls’ scene to steal a kiss, and Michelle carried on about not getting special treatment on her birthday. Chris commented, “As I said last week, Michelle, who’s 30 years old, is a person who goes after what she wants, and she definitely stirs things up along the way as she does it.”

The next date was Jackie’s ‘Pretty Woman’ one-on-one date with Brad. Chris admits he showed up at the Hollywood Bowl portion of the date, said hello, and stayed off. A big fan of Train, Chris later went backstage to meet Pat Monahan. Chris also shared a funny moment from the date, “When Brad gave Jackie the rose, he then told her there was a surprise and pointed to the stage… and nothing happened. The band wasn’t set yet so they had to wait a couple minutes, and then he introduced the surprise guests again.”

According to Chris’s blog, Jackie got to keep the diamond earrings from the date, which inspired envy in some of the other women. He noted that some of the ladies were surprised to see Jackie return with the rose.

As for the Melissa and Raichel drama, Chris had this to say, “I don’t know who was right and who was wrong and honestly I don’t really care. What I do know is they spoiled the cocktail party that night for a lot of women. Their constant bickering brought the whole mood down in the house.”  He added that he was impressed by Brad, who dislikes drama, nipping the problem in the bud by sending them both home.

Chris also gives a heads up for next week, saying of Emily, “Up to this point she really hasn’t had much time with Brad and he has no idea about her story. That will begin to change next week in what is a very emotional episode.”

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