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The Biggest Loser: The Fight For Immunity

January 11, 2011 08:27 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight The Biggest Loser on NBC is back with an unknown versus ranch battle as the ranch players will be given the opportunity to win immunity this week. Can they pull it off? And the question everyone wants to know is will the new trainers be revealed this week? Keep reading for all the details on this fight for immunity!

The Biggest Loser kicks off tonight as Ali surprises the ranch players with a challenge they can’t pass up. This week the ranch players will have a chance to win $10k and immunity for the entire team – that is if they can score a higher percentage of weight loss than the players working with the unknown trainers. If the unknowns score a higher percentage they will win the $10k since they already have immunity. This motivates the ranch players who head out to the gym to work out with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. In another attempt to workout after hours, the ranch team was surprised to find a little gift waiting for them in the gym from the unknowns. They were being taunted with 2 dozen donuts and we watched as Arthur really struggled with not eating them, but in the end they smashed them and threw them in the dumpster.

This week proved to be an emotional week for the players on the ranch as Arthur had a heart to heart with Bob during his workout and then learned from Dr. Huizenga that his inner age was 60 despite being only 34 years old. The father of two and his dad Jesse were then visited by Arthur’s sister and her baby who let them both know how much the entire family was family was pulling for them. We also got to see a few of the others visit with the doctor, who informed Don and Dan that Dan, if he continued to live his life the way he was would only live another 9 years or so. Heartbroken by this news, Dan then got to talk with his 9 year old daughter on the phone who gave him some much needed encouragement to continue on. Also during the workout, Jillian had an emotional chat with Jennifer, who admitted she was worrying too much about her dad as well and not enough about herself. Jennifer and Jay fought it out -with boxing gloves, and then talked it out as they agreed they both needed to do it for themselves.

Next up on The Biggest Loser was their fitness challenge. This week the teams were taken to the beach, where they would have to use rafts to create a bridge and get all the players over the bridge. But Ali surprised them by letting them know that they would get a 3 lb advantage at the weigh in if they beat the other teams time. While we did not get to see the unknown team’s entire challenge, they did share bits and pieces with us and Ali informed the ranch players that the time to beat was 38 minutes. The ranch players struggled immensely with this challenge though as they seemed like they had no plan or organization. They wound up making it halfway through the challenge in the same amount of time that the unknowns had done the entire challenge in, which meant they just gave the unknowns a 3 lb advantage at the weigh in.


Not to worry though, or at least as Bob made it seem to them when he found out about the lost challenge and then informed them that Jillian would not be at the last chance workout due to illness. All alone Bob would have to work this team enough to overcome the 3 lb disadvantage that they now had. If that was not motivating enough however, the ranch players received another taunting surprise from the unknowns – a video teasing them about how hard they worked, how many calories they burned and how they were going to win the weigh in. But the ranch players refused to give up and put in every effort to work out that they could. Even Arthur, still at 476 lbs who was having some pain spent his time walking the presidential mile over and over again just to get his workout in.

While we still did not meet the new trainers, we did get to see glimpses of them throughout their workouts as well and it looked as though they worked their team hard as well. But who would win the battle this week? We also did not see the unknowns weigh in but Ali told us they had a total loss of 79 lbs plus the 3 lb advantage they got from winning the challenge, giving them a total loss of 82 lbs or 2.46% in which the ranch players would have to beat. Here is how the ranch players fared this week:

Aqua Team
Marci from 224 lbs to 218 & Courtney from 308 lbs to 298 lbs for a total loss of 16 lbs

Blue Team
Jesse from 286 lbs to 278 lbs & Arthur 476 lbs to 463 lbs for a total loss of 21 lbs

Green Team
Jay from 374 lbs to 364 lbs & Jennifer from 258 lbs to 250 lbs for a total loss of 18 lbs

Purple Team
Hannah from 232 lbs to 226 lbs & Olivia from 245 lbs to 239 for a total loss of 12 lbs

Orange Team
Irene from 242 lbs to 232 lbs for a total loss of 10 lbs

Black Team
Dan from 266 lbs to 263 lbs & Don from 288 lbs to 280 lbs for a total loss of 13 lbs


This meant that the team with the biggest percentage of weight loss this week on The Biggest Loser were the ranch players with a total of 90 lbs and 2.81%. This meant that thanks to their hard work and dedication as well as Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, no one would be going home this week as they had won immunity for the week. Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST on NBC for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser as they are finally going to reveal the new trainers! See you after the show!

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2 Responses to “The Biggest Loser: The Fight For Immunity”

  1. adrienne Says:
    January 11th, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    I think healthy competition is good for getting everyone going but, this season is so WRONG!!!
    I have watched every season since the show started with season 1 but it seems like the teams with jillian and bob are getting cheated. I know that jillian is leaving and america loves her but that doesn’t mean that america won’t love the new trainers. These people need the help and it seems that they are not getting what the show is really about, because the show wants the unknown to win hands down. Give the other players a fair chance. They really need it especially Arthur.

  2. Gloria Gabaldon Says:
    January 11th, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    The people on this program are such an inspiration to me and I know to so many others.. I would love to be a part of this… How can i be a part even if I don’t have 100 pounds to lose. I have about 60 to 70 pounds to lose.. But I am so sad and embarrassed about the way I look and feel. Can you help me? How can I get in contact with how to be helped? I pray every night for my weight lose to become a reality. I have tried every thing. Nothing has helped me.. But you give me hope..Can you help me?


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